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2019-11-18 10:53 During the distribution of business partner master data between SAP CRM and SAP ECC, the classification is used to: Assign the relevant account group in the ERP system to the new customer master record created from the distributed business partner master data.

How can the answer be improved? use of classification in sap SAP provides standard Functionality in Vendor master to classify the Vendors according to Business needs. The below is the path to maintain the Classification in the Vendor Master. Configuration steps for Vendor master Classification. We can utilize SAP Class& Method Functions to configure Vendor Master Classification.

Material Classification in SAP is the same process and access path for Vendor Classification in SAP. SAP Material Characteristics Table in sap In order to retrieve Sap Material classification, make a join between MARAMATNR and AUSPOBJEK. use of classification in sap

Learn more about SAP Q& A. classification view of material master. Hi Expertise, Would any body so kind to tell me what is the main use of classification view of material master . As per my knowledge it mainly use for searching material. To do this you can use classification system to categorize materials based on criteria that allow you to Use of the Classification System Purpose If you want to add specific information your company requires to the data managed in Industrial Hygiene and Safety, you can create additional tab pages with input fields for various object types or modify the existing tab pages. What is important to understand: the classification system of SAP is master data. But in EHS this is combined with other customizing activities and you need to execute an importexport of property tree to prepare new value assignment types. As well the implementation of new SAP classes is difficult (a lot of problems can come up). use of classification in sap What is the purpose of class in material classification in SAP? Classes allow you to classify materials with the same characteristics. A material can be assigned to one or more classes. Classification data is valid for the whole company. Product Lifecycle Management SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) SAP Classification (CACL) Classification. Classification in PS. Before you can use classification functions, you need to set up your classification system. The there are three steps to setting up a classification system: Dear SAP Community Member, In order to fully benefit from what the SAP Community has to offer, Tables list for Classification. Skip to end of metadata. Created by Ritesh Dube, Indices of Classification System: CLINDEXATINN In short, SAP Classification can be used to group like data objects so they can be easily found, which can cut back on duplicate master data entries. Data classifications available in common SAP modules include the following: Materials Management module: Material Master, Item

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