Cult classic movies from the 80's

2019-12-11 01:27 In deference to the following cool blog I saw on DiggIt, and after having just seen the original Beverly Hills Cop at Los Angeles' Arclight theater last night (the best thing in L. A. for an '80s movie fan is that, in the past month, you could see Caddyshack, The Untouchables, All the Right Moves and the aforementioned Cop on the big screen, all in less than a 10 mile radius.

1664 rows  A cult film, also commonly referred to as a cult classic, is a film with a cult following, cult classic movies from the 80's Cult films have tremendous followings with certain groups, e. g. , college campuses, 'midnight movie' crowds, independent film lovers, etc. Cult movie worshippers persuasively argue with all about the merits of their choices, without regard for standard newspaper or movie reviews from critics.

Nope, the term 'cult movie' is typically applied to any motion picture that attracts a cultlike following. Usually its for an older film, or perhaps one that underperformed at the box office. cult classic movies from the 80's

The 80s scifi cult classic movie, directed by John Carpenter, is about a group of researchers in Antarctica who are hunted by a creature that can take the shape of anyone. It stars Kurt Russell, Keith David, Donald Moffat, Richard Dysart, and many others. In the 80s Japanese Anime industry spawned from Japan to Hollywood and it was loved by people all over the globe. Several Anime movies of 80s become cult classic. 80s saw a huge rise in Bhorror movies. 80s movies gained such cult following that every now and then classic 80s movies One can easily argue that 80s was a decade with most number of cult classics that people have discovered over time. With that said, heres the list of top cult classic movies of 1980s. 20. Dead Poets Society (1989) A truly beautiful remembrance of Robin Williams talent and kindness and the power of cinema to bring emotion and poetry to the screen. cult classic movies from the 80's Yes all lists are subjective but if you were to think of 'Classic 80s' films as a teenager in the 80s this list and I don't mean the 'exact' of order of films as there will NEVER be agreement, is VERY ordinary. The 25 Best Cult Movies of The 1980s 05 June 2017 Features, Film Lists by Shane ScottTravis Perhaps more than any decade before or since, due largely to the home video market, the 1980s was a great time for cult films.

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