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2020-01-19 10:59 Ghosts Ripper vs Infinite Warfare Ripper In this video I use the Ripper in CoD Ghosts and use it in Infinite Warfare! Which gun should I use next in the versus series?

Ripper Runner Class SetUp. As for Perks, well use a standard running perk setup for Call of Duty: Ghosts with one exception. Weve added Scavenger so that you can keep refilling on ammunition as you rack up kills. You can find the perks below. Perks: Ready Up (1), best ripper class setup ghosts What is the best class setup using Marksman Rifles? I want a class that I can use for a majority of the game types. If you want to play ghosts with me on ps3, my username for PSN is PsyCommando.

Best Submachine Gun SMG Class Setups for Call of Duty Ghosts Why use a Submachine Gun in Call of Duty Ghosts? SMGs give you an amazing amount of mobility and allow you to take full advantage of what makes Call of Duty such a fun gaming series, close range combat. best ripper class setup ghosts

I would not treat the Ripper as soley an SMG or solely an AR, but rather what it is; a hybrid. Try to mix elements of both. You WILL undoubtedly get killed with your pants down in the wrong weapon mode at least once a game. For Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Ripper setup. . Mar 14, 2014 Help me out on the road to 10, 000 subscribers! http: bit. lySUBTOLAG Welcome everyone to the first episode of Crazy Classes ! Sometimes recording live gameplay best ripper class setup ghosts Apr 11, 2016 Ghosts Call of Duty: Ghost The RIPPER BEST CLASS SETUP! (SMGAR HYBRID) COD Ghosts Gameplay. Discussion in 'Call of Duty Videos' started by TMC Tanks, Mar 8, 2014 with 0 replies and 3, 538 views.

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