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2019-11-13 19:43 Guitar Noise Forums In The Studio Live Sound; marshall class 5. i am looking to get a marshall class 5 combo amp and want to use it live. the only problem is it has a 16 ohm output and i want to use an 8 ohm cab. is there a way to change the it would probably save time, effort, and money to simply trade in the 8 ohm cab for a 16 ohm cab

Jul 04, 2011 I am usually using my 1965B Marshall cabinet that is 8ohms for a match. and places it in parallel with the 8 ohm cab so they both add up to 4 ohms. This probably impacts the tone a little, but not too much. to answer your question, yes, 8ohm out of the amp into 4ohm cab is fine. Braciola, Jul 4, 2011. Braciola, Jul 4, 2011# 12. Jul 4 marshall class 5 8 ohm cab Jan 12, 2014 Marshall Class 5 Head and Cab. Top. ClassicRock88 Roadhouse Professor. Posts: 1376 Post by ClassicRock88 Tue Aug 13, 2013 3: 49 pm. Why not make a stack with a C5 head and use the 8 ohm output with a parallel Y cable? Class 5 Combo with Class 5 extension cab? Post by zen Sun Jan 12, 2014 12: 28 pm.

Feb 03, 2012 Yes the class 5 designer who I believe is named Steve has stated a mismatch with the class 5 is fine. IMO mismatch within reason meaning limiting to 100 so the stock 16ohm Class 5 output into an 8 ohm load is fine marshall class 5 8 ohm cab

May 17, 2013 So if you pull 2 tubes and plug a 16 ohm cabinet into the 8 ohm output, you're actually matched up? Mesa boogie dual rectifier, Marshall Class 5 combo, Line 6 Pod HD Cab: Marshall 1960a (V30's and G12T75's), EVH 5150 1x12 Guitars: Gibson Les Paul, Music Man Axis, Martin acoustic Jun 20, 2013 If you trek over to the Vintage Modern Forum, there's a guy over there who's user name is Steve D. He is a designer of the Class 5 and a few other Marshall amps. If you look for his replies in the Class 5 section on this very issue, he swears up, down, backwards and sideways that running an 8 ohm Aug 27, 2014 Re: Marshall class 5 wiring question The internal speaker is 16 ohms, according to a spokesman from Marshall on another forum, it will safely take an 8 ohm load, which is what you will get it you plug in another 16 ohm cab. marshall class 5 8 ohm cab Nov 20, 2011 Although, as Steve has said, running the combo into an 8 ohm cab won't hurt it, I think running the head from the correct 8 ohm output into my 8 ohm cab does give it just a tiny bit more headroom. Of course the VM combo itself makes a good speaker cab for a class 5 head as well and the speaker lead just reaches the head OK. Dec 14, 2009 Ordered my Class 5 Marshall, Ohm question for ext cab. Discussion in 'Amps 4x12s that have all 8 ohm speakers so i wont be able to do much about those. but. my 2x12 has 1 16ohm greenback and 1 16ohm vintage 30 wired to be an 8 ohm cab. A 2 x 12 8 ohm cabinet: this requires you use two 16 ohm speakers wired in parallel. Mar 16, 2018 Marshall Class 5 ADA MP1 (Version 1) Line6 AX212 1987 Les Paul Standard 2009 American Standard Strat 2015 PRS SE Torero 4x12 with four 16's for a 16 ohm total. Any other cabinet with 10 or 8 inch or whatever size you want that stays at the same ohm rating can be used.

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