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2019-12-15 22:02 Sep 03, 2016 British Airways Club World Airbus A380 (Upper Deck) Vancouver (YVR) to London Heathrow (LHR) Class: Club World (Business Class Upper Deck) Seat: 59A British Airways Business Class

747 Club World Upper Deck. Business class downstairs on the 747 is fine and all, but its 8 across and just like business class on any other British Airways plane. Upstairs on the 747 however, is unlike any other plane in the British Airways fleet, with the exception of British Airways Speedbird 001 ba club class upper deck British Airways A380 Club World upper deck Review TOPICS: avios British Airways british airways executive club business class heathrow. Posted By: Michele 15 October 2017. Roving Reporter. At the end of September Roving Reporter and I used our Lloyds Avios card upgrade vouchers to go to Las Vegas. He went direct on a B747 and I went on an A380

British Airways Jumbo Jet B747 Club World Review. How to choose the best British Airways Club World Seats? Upper deck atmosphere is far superior to that of lower deck, so choose an upper deck seat. British Airways Business Class food can be a hit and a miss, and this time the food was pretty good and acceptable for transatlantic ba club class upper deck

REVIEW British Airways: Updated Club World Service London to New York JFK (B747 Upper Deck) Last week I wrote about my experience flying to San Francisco on the British Airways A380 Upper deck in Club World. Roving Reporter and I were both heading to Vegas using our Lloyds upgrade vouchers, so he ended up flying direct on British Airways B747 on the upper deck in Club World and I went via San Francisco on the A380. Heres his review of the upstairs Club World businessclass cabin on British Airways The forward part of the 747 upper deck Club World cabin. My seat (62A) is brightly lit to the far left. BA hadnt refreshed this 747 yet and the cabin itself showed its age, even sporting a dull yellowish color. However, once on the upper deck, I felt ba club class upper deck I waned my Dad to experience Business class so I booked him, Chris, and myself aboard British Airways upper deck Club World on the 747 with my stash of AAdvantage miles. Awards tickets with British Airways come with steep fuel surcharges but considering the special occasion, I didnt mind. The venerable jumbo jet and its upper deck plus BA's forwardandback Club World business class seat layout mean that there are some great seats to pick, and also some to avoid. The plane British Airways A380 upper deck Club World I assigned myself seat 51J, which was a forward facing aisle seat in the second row. Having never flown British Airways business class before, the first thing I noticed was that the seat was tight. In this trip report, I review my flight on British Airways in Business Class or Club World on the Upper Deck of a Boeing 747 Jumbo plane. In the middle of May, I decided to switch up my usual direct route from JFK to Hong Kong to go through London via British Airways.

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