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2020-01-25 02:27 Willesden Green Landfill is approved to accept class II wastes such as drilling waste, class II contaminated soils, sulphur contaminated soils, asbestos contaminated materials and various nonhazardous industrial waste, in accordance with the AEP (Alberta Environment and parks) regulations.

Class 2 Landfill. Regulation. 19 Part IV establishes criteria for Class 2 Landfills. These landfills may accept solid wastes for disposal that are listed in Appendix I of the regulation; solid wastes that are not on the Appendix I list but have similar properties and are approved by the Department for the facility; andor solid wastes landfill class 2 Pembina Class I& Class II Landfill We developed the Pembina Area Class I& II Oilfield Landfills with environmental and social considerations in mind. They were designed and built with bestinclass engineering practices to ensure the continued safety of those on site and of the surrounding environment.

Waste Classification Definitions Course T22 HSC Term Definition Term. 10 X Class I landfill Landfill facility that is authorized to accept hazardous waste. X Class II landfill Landfill facility that is not authorized to accept hazardous waste. landfill class 2

Water Board Landfill Waste Acceptance Lists: A listing on the State Water Resources Control Board's web site of updated lists provided by the Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCB) of open, commercial Class I, II, and III landfills and the types of wastes accepted at each. List of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills COLORADO Landfill Name Landfill City County State Zip 1 Tower LF 2 Denver Arapahoe Disp. Site DADS 3 ArchuetaLF 4 Campo SWDS 5 Pritchett SWDS 6 Two Buttes SWDS 7 Walsh SWDS 8 Las Animas LF 9 McClaveSWDS 10 Chaffee County LF 11 Cheyenne Wells SWDS 12 Wild Horse SWDS 13 ManassaRomeo LF 14 Fort Garland 15 Authorization to accept special waste may be granted casebycase in accordance with 30 TAC 330. 171 and 330. 173, or may be established for a facility by an explicit Special Waste Acceptance Plan (SWAP) prepared in accordance with 330. 61(b) and 330. 171(b)(2). Wastes not included in a SWAP may be considered for disposal at an MSW landfill if a landfill class 2 Class Description: The Class 2 course has been approved by the Virginia Board for Waste Management Facility Operators and is required by the Board regulations for certification as a Class 2 Waste Management Facility Operator. Unfortunately, Industrial Class 1 waste is more expensive to dispose of and there are fewer landfills that have authorization to accept this waste (specifically, the landfill must have a cell dedicated to accept Class 1 waste). Most landfills can accept Class 2 waste. If looking for a specific type of disposal facility, select that type in the Disposal Area Type field. For landfills that accept municipal solid waste including household waste and friable asbestos, select Type II MSW Landfill. For landfills that accept construction and demolition waste, select Type IIIC& D Waste Landfill. for Class II, Class III or Class IV landfills (possibly with specific licence conditions) Type 2 Inert Wastes (with specific licence conditions) Type 1 and Type 2 Special Wastes Class V (Prescribed Premises Category 66) Intractable Landfill Intractable and other wastes in accordance with the approvals for the site.

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