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2019-11-22 18:42 The Euroclass system determines a products fire performance by measuring a comprehensive set of characteristics, including ignitability, flame spread, heat release, smoke production and propensity for producing flaming dropletsparticles. The classifications run from A1 to F and are defined with examples in the table below. In summary:

2002 Greece No info No info Hungary A1 (non combustible) A2 (quasi non combustible) B1 (hard combustible) B2 (easy combustible) B3 (easy combustible) C0 (no melting) C1 (melting, no droplets) C2 (burning dropletsignition) Spain M0. M1. M2. M3. M4 To be used all classes according EC. euroclass a1 m0 A1 sans essais pralables: verre pierre mtaux (fer, fonte, acier, aluminium, etc. ) produits cramique brique pltre arm de fibres de verre vermiculite amiante, ciment Classement M Euroclasses Classes selon la EN incombustible A1 M0 A2 s1 d0 A2 s1 d1 s2 d0 A2 s3 d1 s1 d0 s2 d1 M1 B s3 s1 M2 C s2

M0 A1 or A2s1, d0 M1 Bs3, d0 M2 Cs3, d0 M3 Ds3, d0 Spain M4 Mandatory Implementation RD of 18th March 2005, published 2nd April 2005. RD of 17th March 2006, published 28th March 2006 Yes 4. euroclass a1 m0

Although the real correspondence between the two rankings is not possible, we will associate the new fire rating of Euroclass D in the M3 classification, the Euroclass C in the M2 classification and the Euroclass B in the M1 classification. PAROC Stonewool is noncombustible and classified in Euroclass A1 the highest European fire class for building material. Paroc. Products Acoustics The safest solution in all kinds of constructions is to use a noncombustible A1 or A2s1, d0 class insulation. PAROC Stonewool. Is noncombustible; Is classified in Euroclass A1 the highest European fire classification of materials, construction products and building elements The basis of CEmarking of construction products and building elements is the European system of fire testing and classification of products and elements. reaction to fire classification of products is performed according to the so called Euroclass system. euroclass a1 m0 Tableau de correspondance pour les sols [2: Classes selon NF EN: Exigence: A1 fl Incombustible A2 fl s1 M0 A2 fl s2 M3 B fl s1 s2 C fl D fl s1 (1)

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