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2020-01-26 20:48 OMM Classic Marathon 32L Pack Review. Based on the Original Mountain Marathon Companys classic 25L race sac, the 32L is larger and slightly longer and designed with maximum OMM has still kept it well up in the weight weenie stakes. The back system, for example, is very simple, with padding

The Mountain marathon has many of the features of the other packs in the OMM range but is made with lighter fabric. The only compromise is therefore durablity over its heavier stablemates. omm classic mountain marathon 32 Feb 08, 2019 OMM Japan 2019. The 5th edition of the Classic Mountain Marathon will be held in Kurumayama.

OMM Classic Mountain Marathon 32 Pack is an outstanding lightweight mountain marathon pack. Plenty of capacity for multi day events and intelligent storage solutions for kit, hydration and energy bars. 0. 90. Customer Rewards points earned with this item. sign up. sign in. View Basket. omm classic mountain marathon 32

OMM bietet vor allem Produkte fr Mountain Marathons, Extreme Races, Biking und Co. an. Auf der Suche nach einem leichten und bezahlbaren Rucksack im 30l Bereich, bin ich auf den OMM Classic Marathon 32 gestoen. The side pockets hold the OMM water bottle and a variety of bigger sized water bottles. Not only do I have instant access to hydration, but the action of sliding the bottle back into the pocket is the smoothest I have ever experienced in running bags. OMM Classic Mountain Marathon 32L Backpack. The benchmark for pack design, simple, effective, reliable. Used around the world for mountain marathons, extreme races, ultras, biking, hiking, skiing and many other activities including ascents to the summit of Everest! omm classic mountain marathon 32 Start typing and press Enter to search OMM Classic 32 [The Original Mountain Marathon 32L, VAUDE VAUDE Zerum 48L LW 48 ( 5160)

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