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Testing Class K vs. Class H Process Technology: Space Microelectronics Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions is MILPRF Class K certified to build microelectronics and multichip modules for space flight, satellite and other unmanned equipment where failure is not an acceptable option. mil-prf-38534 class h DDC's manufacturing facility is located in Bohemia, New York and is ISO 9001: 2008 Certified and MILPRF Class H compliant. Additionally, this facility is DLA certified as MILPRF Class K compliant, the highest quality level for hybrid microcircuits.

MILPRF covers screening requirements that all parts are submitted to as well as Quality Conformance Inspection consisting of one or more of Group A, B, C and D for acceptance of the design of the process and of the production lot. mil-prf-38534 class h

HYBRID MICROCIRCUITS, GENERAL SPECIFICATION FOR. Specification MILPRF, Hybrid Microcircuits General Specification For. (Copies of these documents are available online at. Class H devices shall be capable of meeting the Class H tests MILPRF has five quality assurance levels which, listed from highest to lowest, are: Class K Highest reliability level, specified for space; Class H Standard Military Quality Level; Class G Lower version of the Military quality level; Class E Devices based on class K, H or G with exceptions to the class requirments. The MILPRF specification establishes the general performance requirements for hybrid microcircuits (hybrid integrated circuit), multichip modules (MCM) and, similar devices and the verification and validation requirements for ensuring that these devices meet the applicable performance requirements. Verification is accomplished through mil-prf-38534 class h Information on Military Specifications. for DCDC Converters. Bookmarks for this page: Part Selection and Quality Level. Background on MILPRF back to top. The Defense Supply Center Columbus is the D and E. Class H requirements typically form the baseline.

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