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2019-12-08 02:51 Italian Baby Boy Names. Alfonso Italian Derived from the German name Alphons. . Amerigo Italian Amerigo Vespucci ' ' was a famou. . Angelo Italian Translated literally, means angel. . Antonio Italian priceless. . Cleopatra's lover, Marcus A. . Arrigo Italian A variation of the name Harry, meaning. . Arturo Italian A variation of the name

If youre having trouble coming up with names for your strapping young man, the place to start might be your family tree. Or consider our list of top 50 Italian names for baby boys below. Theres much more to be had in this beautiful language than just Guido or Mario. Top 50 Italian Boy Baby Names. 1. Aldo 2. Alessandro 3. Alvaro 4. Amedeo 5. Andres 6. Angelo 7. Antonio 8. Arno 9. Bruno 10. Carlo 11. Carmine classic italian names for males Most common last names in Italy: list of the 100 most common surnames for Italian families.

Latin Origin. Never has a name meaning angel seemed so manly. Angelo is a classic Italian name that evokes images of mafia dons and male Rocco has earned a reputation as a tough guy name, thanks to legendary boxers Rocky Marciano and Rocky Grazianothey classic italian names for males

OldFashioned Italian Baby Names. Or, having grown tired of trying to find names after the first few, the parents seem to take this easy way out. Pierluigi Pier is often used as a sort of adjunct to other (male) names: Piergiorgio, Pierluigi, even Piermaria (still a male name by virtue of the Pier on the front). Italian Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in Italy from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizards naming encyclopedia. A service that offers a variety of boy& girl baby names, including Italian boy& girl baby names with name, meaning, origin and gender. classic italian names for males Common Names for Adult Males in Florence, Italy 1427. Salvestro 0. 57 Niccolaio 0. 55 Guasparre 0. 33 Guglielmo 0. 27 Baldassarr 0. 16 Salvadore 0. 14 Alessandro 0. 13 Gabbriello 0. 12 Italian Names. Home Names. Italian names are used in Italy and other Italianspeaking regions such as southern Switzerland. In traditional Italian pantomimes this is the name of a stock character, the female counterpart of Arlecchino (also called Harlequin). This is also the Italian Lists of Sicilian and Italian Given Names. Knowing your relatives name in hisher original language is very important. Before you start searching old records, take the time to determine the right name, including its correct spelling. In Italian, as in many languages, male and female names have different endings, signifying gender. Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world.

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