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2019-12-09 22:00 M. Sabljar Matovinovi Pathophysiology and classification of kidney disease. 5 Most acquired glomerular disease is triggered by immune mediated injury, metabolic and mechanical stress.

CLINICOPATHOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION OF GLOMERULAR DISEASE. Primary glomerular disease: in this the glomeruli are the predominant site of involvement. Secondary glomerular disease: includes certain systemic and hereditary diseases which secondarily involve the glomeruli. classification of glomerular diseases ppt Level 2: Evaluate the clinical significance of glomerular necrotizing lesions, defined as fibrin associated with GBM disruption andor lysis of the mesangial matrix, with or without karyorrhexis. Incorporate such lesions into a revised classification if so indicated by the data.

Glomerular diseases constitute some of the major problems in nephrology; indeed, chronic glomerulonephritis is one of the most common causes of chronic renal failure in humans. Glomeruli may be injured by a variety of factors and in the course of a number of systemic diseases. classification of glomerular diseases ppt

Classification of Renal Glomerular Diseases Morphological Immunological Etiological Clinical Vulnerability of Glomerulus to IC Injury 1. 2025 Cardiac Output 2. High glomerular capillary pressure 3. Fenestrated endothelium 4. Concentration (sieving effect) Mechanisms of Immunologic Injury to the Glomerulus 1. Glomerular of several different glomerular diseases have been proposed, particularly those with the greatest degree of morphologic heterogeneity, including lupus nephritis (LN) and IgA Histologic classification of glomerular diseases 780 Kidney International (2014) 85, . dividing class IV into segmental (IVS) and global (IVG) Classification of glomerulopathies. Clinical primary x secondary; According time period acute x subacute x chronic; According renal biopsy focal x segmental x diffuse; The PowerPoint PPT presentation: Glomerular diseases is the property of its rightful owner. classification of glomerular diseases ppt Classification of Renal Disease& Glomerular Disease (1st half) Gave Up. STUDY. PLAY. What are the compartments of the kidney? Glomeruli Tubules Interstitium VesselsMany diseases predominately affect 1 compartmentDiseases of one compartment frequently affect the other compartments also. Glomerular Diseases. Dr. Atapour. Differential diagnosis and evaluation of glomerular disease. CLINICAL PATTERNS OF GLOMERULAR DISEASE. Nephrotic Nephritic. Nephrotic pattern. The nephrotic proteinuria that is usually above 3. 5 gday Lipiduria Edema Hyperlipidemia Classification of RENE HABIB Hpital des EnfantsMalades, Paris, France Introduction A number of classifications may be proposed according to whether one desires to define a glomerulopathy by its morphology, clinical presentation, aetiology or pathogensis, The use of renal biopsy in the study of glomerular diseases has amply Glomerulonephritis Glomerulopathy Glomerular Diseases; Group of disease in which the disease affects the Glomerulus and is often inflammatory in nature. The disease is Immunologically mediated and involves both kidneys symmetrically. Classification; A. Primary

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