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2019-12-11 22:06 A Quebec Superior Court justice has authorized a classaction lawsuit against the provincial government over its handling of Uber. If successful, the suit could cost the province more than 1

We are a Canadawide class action law firm with offices in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario. If you are Canadian, the following class actions may be of interest you. class action suit quebec Quebecs Superior Court has authorized a classaction lawsuit to proceed against McDonalds restaurants. The lawsuit is centred on the fastfood giants famed Happy Meal.

I'm looking for a picture to incorporate into the site's header, something related to the field of law, the province of Quebec, or any image that conjures up the idea of a class action lawsuit class action suit quebec

A proposed classaction lawsuit has been filed by a group of Quebec parents against McDonald's, accusing the fastfood chain of illegally marketing its popular Happy Meals to children under the A Quebec Superior Court judge has authorized a classaction suit against Ikea on behalf of owners who claim the companys recall procedures make it too difficult to be compensated for furniture Jan 01, 2009 Finding information about initiated class action lawsuits. The Registry of class actions is a registry of class action lawsuits that can help you find information about all class actions initiated in Qubec since January 1st, 2009 (in French only). class action suit quebec

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