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2019-11-19 20:39 This online calculator lets you try out various different class setups. You [ Top. Skip to primary navigation; Black Ops III Create a Class online tool was created by GamerVets. com. Current points Xbox One Tagged With: Black Ops, Black Ops 3, BO3, calculator, call of duty, create a class, create a class tool, perks, pick 10, ps4

Dec 14, 2015 Here are my current BO3 StatsClassesHero Gear, after getting to Prestige Master: ) Enjoy! FaZe Spratt BO3 Prestige Master OpTic Spratt. Loading Unsubscribe from OpTic Spratt? spratt bo3 class BLACK OPS 4 Sniping Gameplay (CoD BO4 Multiplayer) OpTic Spratt Duration: 10 minutes.

FaZe Spratt BO3 Prestige Master. 19 Replies. Alright, we are excited to declare that the bo3 prestige options cheat software program is finally completed! By it, youre able to discover maximum abilities within seconds! This was wanted alot and this year we had been lastly able to code bo3 spratt bo3 class

Locus Gameplay (Black Ops 3) Call of Duty BO3 Locus Gameplay FLAWLESS using the HIGHEST NEW BO3 'DRAGOON' SNIPER RIFLE Finally back from LA and made this video today with the new Dragoon sniper rifle in BO3. The first is a unique, powerful weapon. The second is an enhanced ability that gives the player advanced movements or capabilities that aid the player in getting kills. Players get to choose one of these for their class to use ingame. According to Activision and Treyarch there are a total of 9 different specialists in BO3. So far, only six have been officially revealed. Shotguns: Argus. The model 1887 in BO3. LMGs: Dredge and Dingo. Just stupid OP. 3 bullet kills. Snipers: SVG just cause of the most damage, never gotten a hit marker. My best class so far has to be. ManOWar with Varix 3, Grip, Long Barrel, and Rapid Fire. BlackCell (For streaks and Extra Points) spratt bo3 class I am finding that different guns and different classes require different sensitivity settings. Between 47 for most but 8 for the po6 and svg for example. Razorback handled a higher sensitivity better than the pharo. The latest Tweets from OpTic Spratt (@Spratt). I've been around a while @OpTicGaming. Skip to content. Home Home Home, current page. Moments Moments Moments, current page. Search query Search Twitter. Saved searches. Remove; In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @ Suggested users May 20, 2018 Locus Sniper& Quickscoping Gameplay (BO3 Multiplayer) 5: 43. Black Ops 3 Sniping Gameplay! NEW 3 ROUND BURST SNIPER P06 Sniper Rifle(BO3 Multiplayer Footage) AW Best Sniping Trickshotter Class Setup (Tips and Tricks) 1: 26. Move du jour# 9 Sniping by Febiven League of Legends (CoD BO4 Multiplayer) OpTic Spratt. 9 This is the most uninformed, inaccurate BO3 weapon list Ive ever seen! If anyone reading this is a new player who wants good advice, class setups, tips and tricks, then dont go by this article. Heres a list of the best pro player advice and class setups to run. Crimsix

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