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2019-11-18 10:51 Upper class, middle class and lower class names? PrincessClarissa. I do agree with heysenorita's list too and would add hyphenated names to lower class ones. Just my experience where I live. Report this comment. GaelleH. Last edited. Some names are classless, it's true.

The Elite's Top 50 Baby Names. with the number of places higher or lower each name is on the elite list compared with the most recent Social Security list. but its a higher class of lower class white names Lower class: Chantal, Jaqueline, Chayenne, Kimberley, Kevin, Justin, Jason, Ronny, Mandy. Generally anything english or creative is a giveaway for lower class since they choose the names from US TVshows celebrities or try to immitate their habit of giving kids crazy names.

Nov 17, 2010 After the name has been popular for several years, it starts being used by the lower class. So, the first few years Madison was popular it was a name used by the upper class, the second few the middle class, and from then on it is most commonly used now by the lower class. lower class white names

Dec 16, 2008 The top 20 lowclass white girls' names are. . . 1. Angel 2. Heaven 3. Misty 4. Destiny 5. Brenda 6. Tabatha 7. Bobbie 8. Brandy 9. Destinee 10. Cindy 11. Jazmine 12. Shyanne 13. Britany 14. Mercedes 15. Tiffanie 16. Ashly 17. Tonya 18. Crystal 19. Brandie 20. Brandi Yes, I just finished reading Freakonomics . Although the book has come up May 17, 2018 As for lowclass Brits using Italian names, Nigella Lawson (who is neither lowclass nor Italian) picker Cosima and Bruno for her Jewish kids. But that was probably 20 years ago. After that it became quite trendy and common (in both senses of the word) to use a few Italian names for girls. Sofia and Isabella the most common. Ava, too. Names like Ashley and Courtney were originally the upper class boys names Ashley and Courtenay, but have trickled down into the lower class to become girls names. So unisex, or naming girls boy's names, is a pattern commonly found in the lower class, and never found in the upper class. lower class white names

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