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2019-12-11 20:51 List of preserved British Rail Class 47 locomotives. Of note are the first built locomotive, 47 401 'North Eastern and one of the Royal Train locomotives, 47 798 ' Prince William Four locomotives (47 270, 47 580, 47 773 and 47 798) are mainline registered and as such may operate on Network Rail. Locomotives that do not currently carry their names are shown with the name in brackets.

The Class 47 List, edited by Shaun C and Crumb. Full copyright details and information on the open licensing agreement which you need to read before using our information elsewhere are available on the index page. named class 47 locomotives class 47 (western region) a pair of nameplates& a pair of worksplates. price: 16 (d1660) (47 076) city of truro (d1661) (47 077) north star (d1662) (47 484) isambard kingdom brunel (d1663) (47 078) sir daniel gooch (d1664) (47 079) george jackson churchward (d1665) (47 080) titan (d1666) (47 081) odin (d1667) (47 082) atlas (d1668) (47 083) orion

Class 47 diesel locomotive No. stabled alongside the remains of the diesel shed at Worcester on 1st October 1987. This was the day before the locomotive visited the MoD base at Long Marston to be named 'The Sapper named class 47 locomotives

A significant number of British Rail Class 47 locomotives have been preserved on heritage railways, the current total standing at 34. These are listed below. Of note are the first built locomotive, 'North Eastern and one of the Royal Train locomotives, 'Prince William Class 47 Diesel Reference Here is a list of all of the Class 47 locomotives shown in order by the number that they bore when they first entered service. Locomotives that underwent conversions that moved them into different subclasses were often allocated new numbers and these are shown in the order borne by the locomotive in the subsequent numbers column. The shortest lived naming for the class occurred when 47 222 was named W A Camwell on the 19th of October 1991 for just 3 hours! Mr 'Cam' Camwell, a life long railway enthusiast and photgrapher, unveiled the single nameplate himself on his 85th birthday. Sadly, Mr. Camwell died in January 1995. named class 47 locomotives

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