Shotgunning beer in class

2019-11-21 03:36 Beer cans, once the vessels of crap beer only, have recently been embraced by craft brewers nationwide. It's a beer can renaissance! But despite the surge in popularity, beer cans aren't perfect.

Oct 16, 2017 Mix DRINKING BEERS IN LECTURES PRANK! YouTube; BEEFING College Football Fans! Asking An Undercover Cop For A Shotgun Duration: 10: 05. NELK 1, 656, 852 views. 10: 05. Loading more shotgunning beer in class (Shotgunning) Shotgunning a beer is the simple act of consuming a beer at a high rate of speed. Shotgunnin a beer is easy when following these steps: 1) Hold a beer can in a horizontal position with the bottom tilted up just a bit.

Introduction: How to Properly Shotgun a Beer First of all, this is only for individuals who are 21 years of age or older. Shotgunning is a fun way to begin a party or tailgate with your friends. shotgunning beer in class

Feb 22, 2018 Kid shotguns drink in class to make teacher mad, This video is unavailable. A video of a college student stands up in the middle of class and shotguns a beer. here's a video of a student standing up in the middle of a college lecture and shotgunning a beer. It's not Imagine a place where at any time of day or night you can find people you know and like to live with, hang out with, watch tv with, eat with, go to gym, game, drink with plus built incomfortable parties, people who will lend you class notesold books, get guitar lessons, etc etc. College should be a great experience, and my frat was one of many really standout parts of it. shotgunning beer in class The Art And Craft And Idiocy Of Shotgunning A Beer. For the entirely uninitiated, shotgunning is a simple, often competitionoriented way of drinking a can of shitty beer rapidly, typically while wearing flip flops and cargo shorts and standing in someones parents basement or

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