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2019-12-14 02:32 HongYuan Guava Hard Candy. Country of Origin: China Buy It Here: philamfood. com Though these sweets look exotic and are guavaflavorednot your typical candy flavorthese hard treats will feel more familiar than they look. These tasty bits aren't too far off from a Lifesaver or Jolly Rancher. After trying a bag, you'll be ready to bump cherry from the Lifesaver bundle.

Hong Yuan Classic Series Guava Hard Candy, 12. 3 oz. The guavaflavored hard candies are one of the fruitiest candies weve ever had! The sweet and sour candies have an extremely smooth texture and leave refreshing tropical guava taste in your mouth. The candies are quite fragrant too! Each pack contains 130 individually wrapped candies for your convenience. classic guava hard candy ingredients Bai Chuan HongYuan Classic Series Hard Candy (Guava Flavor) 350 grams (Pack of 2)

Research the Ingredients. Thats why the Classic Guava Hard Candy has become rated as one of the best Japanese candy options because of its unconventional flavor. These candies boast a rich guava flavor that captures the taste of the actual fruit. Whats classic guava hard candy ingredients

Hongyuan Guava Flavor Candy (Classic Series) Serving Size: 8 Candies. 150 Cal. 100 5 gCarbs. 0 0 gFat. 0 0 gProtein. Log Food. Recipes& Inspiration. Other Popular Results; Guava Flavour Candy. Hongyuan. Classic Series Melon Candy. Hongyuan Candy. Guava Candy. Classic Series. Guava Candy. Hongyuan. Classic Series. Guava Flavored Hard Personalized health review for Homgyuan Classic Series Guava Candy: 40 calories, nutrition grade (C), problematic ingredients, and more. Learn the good& bad for 250, 000 products. Alternatives. 10 better options. Clif Bar Peanut Butter, Banana, With Dark Chocolate; Very cold inside, minimal heat and staff leaves backdoor, delivery port open. . Convenient parking. Wide variety of authentic ingredients. Rare meat cuts and animal parts. Beef and pork. . No fresh lamb. Whole chickens, cleaned. Fresh fish on Thursdays. Live talapia, lobsters, crabs available. classic guava hard candy ingredients Classic Guava Hard Candy Oz: Guava candy is an unique candy, very popular in southern asia and is rich with guava's fragrance. Each candy is individually wrapped Guava Hard Candy Chinese Candy Japanese Candy Chinese Food Gourmet Recipes Candy Recipes Snack Recipes Snacks Best Candy Enjoy a special treat with Classic Guava Hard Candy, 12. 3 oz. Each piece comes individually wrapped in a large bag, so you can take one or a few with you wherever you go. This Classic Series guava candy is bursting with flavor and tastes just like the real fruit. The unique flavor of lychee in the candy makes it addictive. One thing about this candy is that you will find it in every Hong Kong restaurant across the US. 5. Green candy. Classic Guava Hard Candy. Here is yet another special treat. This hard type of candy is first very cheap and sweet. It has each piece dusted with sugar for the preparation. Bai Chuan HongYuan Classic Series Hard Candy (Guava Flavor) 350 grams (Pack of 2)

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