Mw3 p90 moab class

2020-01-22 23:00 Welcome to my first Modern Warfare 3 Guide! ! I Edited this guide so now i'll update every time that something cool appears to me. MW3 Complete Guide Maps, Best Classes, M. O. A. B Rank up Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 9: 03 pm. LucasAllegretto. P90 w Silencer Extended Mags( 2 Attachments) FMG9 Akimbo Perk 1 Sleight of Hand PRO Perk 2

MW3: 90 Second P90 Solo MOAB. October 23, Modern Warfare 3 resistance nuke moabIron Wolf seatown stealth bomber mw3 patch fmg9 quick tip rank up fast team defender ffa ac130 class setup power position woodysgamertag v2drake seananners dome arkaden bakaara bakara resistance downturn bootleg underground outpost free for all Call Of mw3 p90 moab class Jun 18, 2012 My class right now is: Gold P90 Silencer and Rapid Fire Perks: Scavenger Pro Assassin Pro Steady Aim Pro Strike Package: SpecialistSleight of Hand Pro, Quickdraw Pro, Hardline Semtex, Concussion Grenades Please give me a class which at least has a silencer, I like not being on the radar. A few tips with the class would help as well.

Feb 07, 2013  MW3 World's First QUAD MOAB on Downturn! Magic Trick! by DooM Magician (Modern Warfare 3) 7: 36 MW3 QUAD MOABMOST KILLS IN mw3 p90 moab class

Dec 01, 2011 i love the p90 in mw3 and i use it very well, but i want to know what you guys think. i want to know what you think the best way to use this wonderful gun is. tell me the best way to get a good kd. MW3 P90 Rushing MOAB Class? More questions. MW3 P90 OR MP7? ? ? ? ? Jul 23, 2012 What's the most overpowered class in MW3? Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' started by DEATH GRIPS, P90 With Focus Extended Mags or Attachments Extended Mags with Rapid Fire I've gotten 1 away from a MOAB 3 times with the MK14 though. (So close, f you dashboarders and stealth bombers. ) ForeverLoading, Jul 22, 2012. mw3 p90 moab class

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