Addclass jquery not working in ie7

2019-12-10 05:28 remove& addClass functions do not work. I am trying trying to make sure that the span class changes to a new one once it is clicked. here's the jquery removeClass& addClass not working jQuery Forum

( thumbimages. thumbsquare ( mainimages ); Since you haven't done it that way, I would guess it's because you have a span with the same id as a div. Try giving them unique ids, addclass jquery not working in ie7 I have this code which checkes the top offset and changes the class of the menu accordingly. It works perfectly, except in IE7 and IE8, where the class is not changed. This is the code: (document).

Oct 26, 2007 I am using onclick event on input type button to addClass, but there is no effect in IE 6, while it works fine in Mozilla and Opera browsers. I know that IE works fine with such CSS styles, since it works with my simple code without jQuery Please investigate. addclass jquery not working in ie7

My issue is that jQuery is not processing addClass or removeClass at all when called from hover() in IE6. alert() calls [jQuery addClass and removeClass not working in IE6 jQuery Forum Loading Internet Explorer 11 (possibly other versions) ignores the first application of. addClass() if the target element: is one of the following inline elements: addClass not working in IE jQuery Forum Loading addClass removeClass not working in IE. . ! Ask Question 2. jQuery functions addClass and removeClass do not work properly when I use them to change the appearance of a div tag in Internet Exploer (IE). CSS IE7& 8 Issues. 0. A way to keep a link bold once selected (not the same as addclass jquery not working in ie7 If anything, the selector should be: contains( \u00a0 ) and that does work on Firefox. However, it still does not work in IE7 or IE8. However, it still does not work in IE7 or IE8. The problem is that IE's. innerText property returns the nonbreaking space as \u0020 instead of I am trying to validate all teh required classes in a form and then display error message. In that addClass and removeClass is not working in IE8. Any help is Hey guys, ive noticed a problem with my jquery script. It is really laggy and slow in IE7, and fadeIn() is not fading. It is bugging me alot, since the jQuery(function() ); I've been able to use the tr: odd selector to add css to table rows dynamically, but when i use the addClass function it just doesnt (I checked the source code produced and none of the table rows have the class odd ).

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