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2019-12-13 10:35 The missing mogul in more ways than one is the ex London Brighton and South Coast railway (LBSC) K class designed by LB Billinton. First introduced in 1913 the eventual 17 members of the class were the first 260 locomotives on the LBSC and the first with a Belpair firebox, and like the Maunsell N class also had 56 driving wheels.

This is a model of the London Brighton and South Coast railway K Class Mogul engine, designed by Lawson Billinton for mixed traffic roles. lbscr k-class mogul Kit built Brighton 'K' Class mogul. The ACE kit for the 'K' Class mogul was a different story, however. This was a 7mm kit reduced to 4mm, and the friend who built it said that it was an absolute pig to put together. Most of the parts didn't fit properly, and the kit hadn't really 'translated' down to 4mm well, including problems with fold lines not

LBSCR K class 260. LB Billinton's very handsome K Class mogul was one of the most successful LBSC designs ever produced. These locos, though following Brighton tradition in styling, were quite innovative for the LBSC, firstly with the wheel arrangement (they were the first 2 lbscr k-class mogul

SECR K and SR K1 classes. The SECR K class was a type of 264 tank locomotive designed in 1914 by Richard Maunsell for express passenger duties on the South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR), which operated between London and southeast England. The Southern Railway (SR) K1 class was a threecylinder variant of the K class, LB& SCR K class. However, after the formation of the Southern Railway in 1923 the remaining three locomotives on order were not completed and the seventeen members of the class led relatively quiet yet reliable lives over their traditional lines. The locomotives LBSCR Lawson Billinton designed 'K' class mogul no. 353 at Hove station. 353 was the final member of the class and was built in March 1921. Renumbered as BR, withdrawal at Three Bridges mpd came as part of The Great Cull in December 1962. lbscr k-class mogul Just emailed Autocom ([email protected] com) and their latest list shows LBSCRSR K class mogul available at 176. 00 inc Romford wheels, valve gear and frames. Supplied direct. Tony. A fine example of a rarely modelled prototype Billinton's Kclass Mogul, designed for the LB& SCR. A total of 17 locomotives were built between 1914 and 1921, they gained a reputation for hard work, regularly pulling 1000 ton trains before a 900 ton limit was introduced after the war. LBSCR K Class Moguls at Guildford. As a young cleaner, a member saw a Billinton K class mogul come into the engine shed at Guildford in the early summer of 1948.

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