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2020-01-22 06:20 Cisco ASA LDAP Attribute map IETFRadiusClass mapvalue Hello, I am trying to setup my ASA to do authentication for VPN useres, where specific grouppolicy will

ASA 8. 4 Lan2Lan I have a new install using a 5510 (site CZ) and a 5505 (site BZ). This is the first time using the newer code. mapname memberOf IETFRadiusClass mapvalue memberOf CNVPN DfltGrpPolicy mapname msNPallowDialin TunnelingProtocols mapvalue msNPallowDialin FALSE 1 ietf-radius-class asa 8.4 Search Other Security Subjects. Cisco Support Community. Cisco. com

Key vendorspecific attributes (VSAs) sent in RADIUS access request and accounting request packets from the ASA. 8. 4(3) Four New VSAsTunnel Group Name (146) and Client Type (150) are sent in RADIUS access request packets from the ASA. Session Type (151) and Session Subtype (152) are sent in RADIUS accounting request packets from the ASA. ietf-radius-class asa 8.4

Cisco ASA 5510 VPN group authentication. All the documentation on the web has pointed me in the direction of creating an attribute mapping from the memberOf to IETFRadiusClass. I've managed to get this working ok (or at least entered ok), but there is no memberOf objectclass on my LDAP server. attribute to IETFRadiusClass on the ASA Hi there, I'm trying to create an LDAP attribute map so that I can create a memberOf mapping to the IETFRadiusClass. Unfortunately, IETFRadiusClass is not in the dropdown list when I 8. 4 and 8. 6. Cisco ASA 5500 Series System Log Messages, 8. 2 (PDF 8 MB) logging and SNMP, see the group policy attribute replaced the IETFRadiusClass attribute with ASDM version 6. 2ASA version 8. 2 or later. I was struggling with failover the past few days, not really the configuration of ietf-radius-class asa 8.4 In the map subcommands, we match the well known Microsoft attribute memberOf to a standard IETF Radius class, which the ASA is familiar with. The next line takes the newly created association to the path of the AD group, in this example the group name is VPNUsers. ASA VPN LDAP Authentication with Group Membership Verification. Hi, on ASA we can assign a VPN user group policy from RADIUS using (IETF RADIUS CLASS) 25 OUUSERGRPOLICY; However ASA documentation for 8. 2 says the preferred method is to use the RADIUS VSA 3076\25: The LDAP attribute map that you configure on the ASA maps the LDAP attribute to the Cisco attribute IETFRadiusClass. 4. Group policy assigned by the Connection Profile (called tunnelgroup in the CLI)The Connection Profile has the preliminary settings for the connection, and includes a default group policy applied to the user before authentication. Fast forward to 2015, ASA 8. 2 upgrades to 8. 4 code should (hopefully) be less of a concern for engineers than deploying new firewalls with the current ASA code (8. 4). This series of blog posts will be a little different than most others on ASA 8. 4 NAT.

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