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2020-01-26 12:00 use elemental embrace first. . then use the 1st and 2nd skill over and over. . then stack elemental embrace. . repeat process as long as you can. . you can also use dry lightning if you want to. .

itu skill 5 tekan aja sampe 20x tapi imbangi sama mana dn skill 2 nnt klo crit skill 2 udh gede lanjut ke skil 4. Hapus aqw classes combo Jan 17, 2015 Useful and Recommended Class Builds This guide will help you decide on the many different types of enhancements that would be suited to your class. Note that every time a very nice combination is found to work for a certain class, this guide will be updated along with it.

AQW class Cryomancer [Skill, Combo and Enhancement Breakdown Obtained: Merge Shop [ 84 Glacera Ice Token or 2000 ACs Weapon Damage: 100, 2. 0 speed Description: Dark ice is aqw classes combo

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