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2020-01-20 00:50 class GenericModel extends Backbone. Model initialize: console. log 'one' class SpecificModel extends GenericModel initialize: console. log 'two' I want it to say one two , but instead it just says two , which is expected as the initialize method is being overwritten.

Smartest way to initialize an array in CoffeeScript. What is the best way to initialize an array with a particular value 0 in coffee script. If personally feel that the first one will have a poor performance and the second one is too verbose and destroys the charm of programming in coffee script. coffeescript class initialize Class Variables and Instance Variables Problem. You want to create class variables and instance variables (properties). inside a class method, initialize your defaults in the constructor. class Zoo constructor: Coffeescript will store the values of class variables on the class itself rather than on the prototype it defines. These are

Behind the scenes CoffeeScript is using constructor functions, which means you can instantiate classes using the new operator. Defining constructors (functions that get invoked upon instantiation) is simple, just use a function named constructor. This is akin to using Ruby's initialize or Python's init. coffeescript class initialize

UPDATE: After getting a new perspective on the issue from @muistooshort and understanding the real importance of callbacks when doing ajax calls from @Rich Peck, I was able to get my game initializing by ensuring that all the code that depended on the data returned from the Ajax call was included in the Ajax success callback. I have a class in coffee script whose instance variables I want to initialize with instance methods that return a value via a callback, but it doesn't work as I had hoped: EventEmitter requi Doesn't play nice with CoffeeScript classextends syntax. # 91. Closed DouweM opened this Issue Mar 20, It sort of looks like using the Coffeescript class X extends Y syntax bypasses the Backbone extend mechanism completely, initialize a blank placeholder model right after defining a model that contains reverseRelations; coffeescript class initialize Classes can be declared trivially in CoffeeScript which is a refreshing contrast to the much more verbose JavaScript. First write the keyword class, followed by the name of your class. Methods, including the constructor method, are written with the name of the method followed by a colon. White space is needed before each method name. A constructor is a function that is invoked when we instantiate a class, its main purpose is to initialize the instance variables. In CoffeeScript, you can define a constructor just by creating a function with name constructor as shown below. class Student constructor: (name) @name name L. Class does not initialize when extended with Coffeescript Class# 1314. Closed justmatt opened this Issue Jan 25, 2013 6 comments Closed L. Class does not initialize when extended with Coffeescript Class# 1314. Opened by justmatt. Comments. same as Layer L. Class. extend() but the former was not initializing correctly. This comment has

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