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2020-01-29 20:25 A Changeling Paragon may add her Changeling Paragon class level as a racial bonus to all Bluff, Intimidate and Sense Motive checks. This bonus stacks with the 2 racial bonus changelings recieve. Size Alteration: At 2nd level, a Changeling Paragon's body becomes even more mutable.

Favored Class. Rogue. Source. Eberron Campaign Setting, pg. 1213. Creature Type. Natural humanoid (shapechanger) Size. Medium. Ability Modifiers Changelings in Eberron Edit. Changelings have long been persecuted by other races, seen at best as tricksters and conartists, at eberron changeling paragon class Changelings are subtle shapeshifters capable of disguising their appearance. including those described in Races of Eberron. Some foundlings hide from their true nature, adopting a single face and never changing. adventure hooks arcane tradition archetype article artificer background bard bard college character class cleric creatures d& d

Below are the various Prestige Classes either A) introduced in the world of Eberron or B) possessed by characters within the world of Eberron. In the 4th edition mechanics, the closest analogy would be the Paragon Path, though the mechanics have significant differences. eberron changeling paragon class

Sep 05, 2016 D& D 3. x Class Changeling Paragon (3 level racial paragon class) If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You will have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Eberron Paragon ClassesChangeling Paragon Underworld crime bosses, talented bards and others who make their living through disguise, word o O Scribd Oct 12, 2008 Is there a Shifter Paragon class? I don't know of any. If it's of any use, Races of Eberron includes Shifter racial substitution levels for Druid, Ranger and Wilder, and two Shifter prestige classes, the Moonspeaker and Reachrunner. Mark. eberron changeling paragon class Dungeons and Dragons (D& D) Fifth Edition (5e) Race Changeling A changeling can shift its face and form with a thought as a form of artistic and emotional expression. This is part of the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron, the new sourcebook. It's official content. especially considering the article about these classes on WOTC's website Eberron Prestige Classes. Name Description Place in Eberron Requirements Source; Atavist: A psionic prestige class which enhances mind and body, Kalashtar only. Changeling, Disguise 9 ranks, Persona Immersion, Must complete a trial assignment for the Cabinet of Faces. Races of Eberron: Class Variants Racial Substitution Levels! Races of Eberron! Changeling Egoist Kalashtar Monk Kalashtar Soulknife Kalashtar Telepath Shifter Wilder Umbragen Soulknife Making a Changeling Paragon. The Changeling Paragon is literally the everyman, a canny infiltrator or party face. While usually not found on the front lines with the dedicated fighters, the Changeling Paragon makes a valuable support fighter or even a caster, depending on their levels in other base classes.

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