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2020-01-29 21:47 Paracanthurus hepatus is known by many common names such as common surgeon, blue hippo tang, regal tang and palette surgeonfish. They have recently become popular because of the popular animated movie, Finding Nemo, in which a main character Dori, voiced by

How can the answer be improved? regal tang classification Paracanthurus hepatus is a species of IndoPacific surgeonfish. A popular fish in marine aquaria, it is the only member of the genus Paracanthurus. A number of common names are attributed to the species, including regal tang, palette surgeonfish, blue tang, royal blue tang, hippo tang, blue hippo tang, flagtail surgeonfish, Pacific regal blue tang, and blue surgeonfish.

Maintenance difficulty: The Blue Tang, Regal Tang, Blue Surgeonfish, or IndoPacific Blue Tang is easy to keep. Maintenance: It is important that you feed tangs a good variety of live, frozen, and prepared formula foods. The Blue Tang eats zooplankton so they should be fed brine shrimp, mysis, grindal worms, and flake food. regal tang classification

Pacific Blue Tang. The Pacific Blue Tang is also referred to as the Palette Surgeonfish, Hepatus Tang, Blue Surgeonfish, and Regal Tang. Like most tangs and surgeons, it is easy to recognize because of the oval body shape and bold markings. It has a deep blue color with a painter's palette marking on the body. Pacific Blue Tang requires Classification. The features of the Blue Tang surgeon fish that link it to the family of surgeon fish are that have a blade on both sides of their lower body and poisonous fin spines that look like a surgeons scapel. . Also their mouths are small with just one row of teeth that they use to graze on the algae. Aquarium LifeEdit. The regal tang is commonly found in the aquarium trade, despite being one of the more fragile popular fish. In particular, it needs a source of spirulina to regularly graze from, and achieves a respectable size of 30cm (12 inches). In addition, it is prone to parasitic and hit them folks little boy. regal tang classification The Acanthuridae family contains the fish that are known as Surgeonfish, Tangs, Unicornfish, and doctorfish. Acanthuridae family classification. It is the Blue Tang Paracanthurus hepatus, also known as the Regal Tang or Hippo Tang. The Blue Tang is a member of the surgeonfish family. It is easily recognised by its blue body with black markings and yellow triangle marking on the tail. It has a blade on both sides of the tail stem (caudal peduncle), and also has venomous fin spines. Classification Species hepatus Genus Paracanthurus Family Acanthuridae Order Perciformes Class Actinopterygii Subphylum Vertebrata Phylum Chordata Kingdom Animalia; Size Range The Blue Tang is a surgeonfish (family Acanthuridae) that is easily recognised by its blue body with black markings. The caudal fin is yellow with a black stripe Life Cycle. The fertilized eggs hatch in twentyfour hours, revealing small, translucent larvae with silvery abdomens and rudimentary caudal spines. Regal blue tangs can also, when faced with danger or dark spaces, make themselves semitransparent, in order to help with evasion and light passivity, respectively.

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