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2019-12-10 10:35 SVHN 17 results collected. SVHN is a realworld image dataset for developing machine learning and object recognition algorithms with minimal requirement on data preprocessing and formatting. It can be seen as similar in flavor to MNIST(e. g. , the images are of small cropped digits), but incorporates an order of magnitude more labeled data

Datasets consisting primarily of images or videos for tasks such as object detection, facial recognition, and multilabel classification Facial recognition [ edit In computer vision, face images have been used extensively to develop facial recognition systems, face detection, and dataset image classification A common and highly effective approach to deep learning on small image datasets is to use a pretrained network. A pretrained network is a saved network that was previously trained on a large dataset, typically on a largescale imageclassification task. If this original dataset is large enough and general enough, then the spatial hierarchy of features learned by the pretrained network can effectively act as a

The MNIST dataset is one of the most common datasets used for image classification and accessible from many different sources. In fact, even Tensorflow and Keras allow us to import and download the MNIST dataset directly from their API. dataset image classification

This dataset is another one for image classification. It consists of 60, 000 images of 10 classes (each class is represented as a row in the above image). In total, there are 50, 000 training images and 10, 000 test images. The dataset is divided into 6 parts 5 training batches and 1 test batch. Each batch has 10, 000 images. Size: 170 MB STL10 dataset is an image recognition dataset for developing unsupervised feature learning, deep learning, selftaught learning algorithms. It is inspired by the Datasets CIFAR10 small image classification. Dataset of 50, 000 32x32 color training images, labeled over 10 categories, and 10, 000 test images. Usage: from keras. datasets import cifar10 (xtrain, ytrain), (xtest, ytest) cifar10. loaddata() Returns: 2 tuples: dataset image classification DeliciousMIL: A Data Set for MultiLabel MultiInstance Learning with Instance Labels Image Parsing. Various other datasets from the Oxford Visual Geometry group. INRIA Holiday images dataset. Movie human actions dataset from Laptev et al. ESP game dataset; NUSWIDE tagged image dataset of 269K images 349 Data Sets. Table View List View. Name. Data Types. Default Task. Attribute Types# Instances# Attributes. Year: Image. Classification. Integer. 640. 1999: Japanese Vowels. Multivariate, TimeSeries Early biomarkers of Parkinsons disease based on natural connected speech Data Set. Multivariate. Classification. Real

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