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2019-11-19 21:21 The Exploration Cruiser Refit is a Captain (Tier 4) Based on the Galaxy class design, but much larger (it is the largest of these four starships), the Venture Class represents the pinnacle of starship design. It has a longer more swept neck, and a more faceted main deflector.

How can the answer be improved? venture class starship The Venture Class. The Venture class is a starship built by Starfleet. it is a scoutship. It is built to be fast to explore space, and escape ships that encounter it. It has a single pulse phaser, but is not very powerful, and has little armor, so it is not ideal for combat.

This is the Venture Class (Galaxy Class refit) from Star Trek Online. This model was put onto Thingiverse by SolidAlexei, I just cut it and photoshopped a nice cover featuring the Enterprise NCC1701D, which is the prerefit version and my favorite starship. venture class starship

The Ventureclass was a class of cruiser used by both the Federation Starfleet and the Imperial Starfleet in the 2400s. It was a refit variant of the venerable Galaxyclass. Refit options for the Ventureclass starship included a dreadnought variant equipped with three warp nacelles. (ST video Class Overview. Starship Class: : Venture; Starship Type: : Scout; Starship Registry Range: : NCC 89Starship Production Status: : In Production The USS Venture (NCC ) was a 24th century Federation Galaxyclass starship operated by Starfleet. Its captain was a friend of Benjamin Sisko. In 2372, the Venture led a task force under the command of Admiral Hastur to reinforce Deep Space 9 when it was threatened by a Klingon attack. venture class starship The Talonclass was commissioned in the year 2373. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Player's Guide, Decipher RPG module: Starships) Talonclass vessels went on to be used in a wide range of missions, with the USS Talon attached to the joint FederationSon'a duckblind surveillance of the Ba'ku.

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