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2019-12-12 13:40 . 11 Degree Classification Home NUS Bulletin AY Faculty of Science Undergraduate Students degree and Honours classification will be determined by their CAP as follows: B. Sc. (Hons. )B. Sc. (Pharm. ) (Hons. ) National University of Singapore. 21

Im an NUS Engineering student, so I dont think I have the right to talk about NTU. What would you value more, a first class honours at NTU or a second class honours at NUS? Update Cancel. a d b y G o T o W e b i n a r. Franky Laurentis, studied at National University of nus engineering third class honours Only Honours students with a CAP score of at least 4. 0 in every semester or fluctuate around 4. 0 since joining the Honours program are allowed to do the Honours Dissertation. For students from Cohorts 2011 or earlier, to obtain First Class Honours, students must do a HD and score at least an A in the HD and attain a CAP score of 4. 50 or above.

Honours Programme Overview From 2007 onwards, ARS3 students who intend to pursue a BA (Hons) degree do not need to declare the Honours track in the Graduating and nus engineering third class honours

Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore, NUS, Singapore Universities, Bachelor of Engineering First Class Honours Students from cohort AY and prior, National University of Singapore 65 6516 2109 Honours wise, all i can say is only first class matters. People under second upper have a decent advantage, while the rest is this is the harsh truth. In mae first year, you will be taught the basics. So be prepared for physics, math, basic programming, engineering terms such as calculating moments etc. We have bellcurves, CA and exams. General Information of the Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng. Programme) NUS Engineering offers the following fulltime fouryear undergraduate programmes leading to Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degrees [B. Eng. (Hons. ): nus engineering third class honours NUS Mechanical Engineering Aeronautics to artificial intelligence, cars to clean energy. At Mechanical Engineering @ National University of Singapore, we transform ideas to reality. Applicants who are applying for the NUS Research Scholarship are expected to have at least a Bachelors degree with Honours (at least Second Class Upper) or its equivalent. Period of Candidature The maximum period of candidature for Ph. D. programme is five years. Hello! Welcome to NUS Engineering: ) Lets get personal. Tell us your status and we would be happy to show you the information that's relevant to you. A first class in physics from NUS is considered statistically more difficult than a first class in physics from a top UK university even after normalizing for Alevel grades. This was told to me by a friend of mine who was a PSC scholarship holder and got this info from his scholarship officer.

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