Doodles during math class

2020-01-26 13:24 I do alot of doodles during math class, and since I don't post very often i I'll just post these.

Using Doodles in Math Class for Interactive Notebooks. Function Notation Interactive Notebook Notes: Using Doodles in Math Class For a corrective during tutoring. Everybody is a Genius: Teaching Functions Algebra Activities Maths Algebra Math Tutor. Transformations of Functions. doodles during math class Dec 22, 2011 Doodling in Math Class: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant [2 of 3 Duration: 6: 14. Times Tables, Mandelbrot and the Heart of Mathematics Duration: 13: 37.

Using Doodles in Math Class for Interactive Notebooks. Doodle borders and doodle underlines are my other favorites. They are so easy to pop on the page, and so many students love coloring them in giving their right brain a chance to engage with the math. doodles during math class

I also enjoyed Vi Harts video Doodling in Math Class: Infinity Elephants. It actually manages to explain an infinite amount of material in a finite time! I mean, I learned some things from them, but I already understood a lot of the math (and engaged in some of the same doodles during my High School careerespecially the stars! ). Aug 19, 2013 You can totally draw fractals freehand, yo. Tomorrow's class is here: Things to look up if you want: Dragon Curve, Anyway, 'tis the season for decorative scented pine cones and if you're putting glitter glue spirals on your pine cones during math class, you might notice that the number of spirals are five and eight or three and five or three and five again. doodles during math class Aug 22, 2012 Teachers may look down on doodles as a waste of time and a sign of a lesson unlearned, but a new viral video points out the many cognitive benefits of inclass creativity. The video follows a math Daren Carstens, the Math Doodles designerdeveloper, narrates a brief introduction. He tells users that when he was in school, math just looked like squiggles to him, and during math class, he'd just doodle. When he grew up, and realized that there actually was a place for doodles in math, the subject became fun, and he never looked back. Mar 25, 2018 These are from a freshman music history class, because I happen to be able to find this notebook but this is a doodle I actually did most often during my ninth grade Italian class language being another subject usually taught by unfathomably stupid methods.

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