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2020-01-22 08:05 The Class 66 is a type of sixaxle diesel electric freight locomotive developed in part from the Class 59, for use on the railways of the UK. Since its introduction the class has been successful and has been sold to British and other European railway companies. In Continental Europe it is marketed as the EMD Class 66.

Jan 19, 2016 freightliner class 66 no starts up in Hoo Junction Up Yard with CLAG! ! class 66 start up FLEET LIST. The list below shows all class 66 locos that have ever worked in the UK. In the case of renumbered locos, the last number carried is shown below. Some notes about the data shown on these pages: The livery, depot& pool codes can be looked up under the further info menu at

Then under it you have 4 or 5 small switches and you need to press one on the left that says engine startrun and set it to start . Then you press this big start button on the main desk. : D After all this when engine is running you must switch this small button under class 66 start up

This is the official web site for the Start High School Class Of '66 The ElectroMotive Diesel (EMD) Class 66 (or JT42CWR) are CoCo diesel locomotives built by EMD for the European heavy freight market. Designed for use in Great Britain as the Class 66, a development of the Class 59, they have been adapted and certified for use in other European countries. Aug 20, 2007 Class 66 ' ' comes to life at Didcot and moves of toward the shunt signal to then make its way to Cowley Mini works. class 66 start up After you have reached Acton go over to the Class 66 and enter cab 1 (that one with the fuse cabinets) and start up the locomotive. If you dont know how to start the engines i recommend you to do the Class 66 tutorial a few times. Class 66 startup without a silencer posted in UK Prototype Discussions (not questions! ): Sounds pretty good without the can on.

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