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2019-11-13 19:47 Jun 11, 2009 The action class would be calling another servicemanager to get the work done. When you are doing a unit test, you would like not to make a call to the actual service but instead make a call to the mocked service. So assume the following action class. Here the action class makes a call to the DoSomethingService.

The example code for this tutorial, unittesting, is available at strutsexamples. Introduction. Struts 2 supports running unit tests of methods in the Struts Action class with the Struts 2 JUnit plugin. The JUnit plugin allows you to test methods of an Action class from within the Struts 2 framework. unit testing struts action classes Unit test Struts applications with mock objects and AOP How AOP complements OOP to bridge the integration gap Nontrivial Struts applications exhibit both execution environment and class dependencies because Struts actions execute in a servlet container and typically call other classes to process the requests. The mock object testing

Jun 18, 2007 Unit Testing Struts 2 Actions wired with Spring using JUnit 158 Replies Hopefully this entry serves as some search engine friendly documentation on how one might unit test Struts 2 actions configured using Spring, something I would think many, many people want to do. unit testing struts action classes

Jan 12, 2008 Here's a unit test base class that our struts tests will use. In finalizeSetUp() the call to getServletContext() actually starts the struts action servlet, then with that started, the getSpringBean() method can go into the servlet context, pull out the spring application context, and return my action class. StrutsTestCase for JUnit is an extension of the standard JUnit TestCase class that provides facilities for testing code based on the Struts framework. StrutsTestCase provides both a Mock Object approach and a Cactus approach to actually run the Struts ActionServlet, allowing you to test your Struts code with or without a running servlet engine. Unit Testing Struts Action Classes. This tutorial provides a brief introduction to the AppPerfect Java Unit Test using a set of handson practice exercises. This tutorial assumes you have successfully downloaded and installed AppPerfect Unit Test on your machine with the default options. unit testing struts action classes HI, I have never done unit testing for action classes. Reading the S2A and blogs online (arsenalists) was of little help and I could not run a simple Struts2: Test action classes (Struts forum at Coderanch) Struts 2 provides a JUnit plugin library that makes it easier to develop unit tests for testing your Struts 2 action classes. to test your action you need to know which aspect action class required in order to run. you can check this example

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