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2019-12-07 14:04 Notice the ampersand symbol ' symbol at the start. Translated this means: search for objectClassperson AND objectuser.

For information on why this works see how to use Filtering for Bit Fields and the Extensible Match Rule All Groups a User is a member of including Nested Groups# This Extensible Match Rule is often referred to as As an example, to find all the groups that is a member of, set the base objectcategory user objectclass person I'm trying to search for users in AD with their surname (sn) and first name (givenName) using DirectorySearcher in. NET. I can find a user based on sAMAccountname with this code: DirectorySearcher

OpenLDAP Tutorial OpenLDAP Tutorial. Search this site user password MAY person STRUCTURAL top Build Entry: objectClass: inetOrgPerson is STRUCTURAL as shown in the following, The objectclass person is 'SUP top' and therefore the inheritance for 'inetOrgPerson' ends. objectcategory user objectclass person

Most of the time, the value for objectCategory is simply the most specific value of the objectClass attribute. For instance, a computer object has a multivalued objectClass of and its objectCategory is computer . But a user object has an obejctClass value of Apr 22, 2018 (objectClassuser) ((lLos Monica)(lGlendale)) The third clause (composed of 2 clauses) is True when departmentNumber is either one of the two numbers. The fourth clause (which itself is 4 clauses) is True if l (city) is Attributes for AD Users: objectClass. The Active Directory attribute objectClass represents the classification of user objects in the Active Directory schema hierarchy. Besides the class 'user all higherranking classes, from which the user class is derived, are listet here. 0x12. The object class of a user object is always the following array: objectcategory user objectclass person Appendix E: LDAP Object Classes and Attributes. The objectclass hierarchy is shown by the notation [objectclassname under Name (and is mostly hyperlinked in the schema definitions). So if you use, say, the objectclass of residentialPerson which has a parent of person then the MUST attributes are the sum of ( inherits from in the jargon) Oct 08, 2008 is sufficient enough to not get any Contact type objects, just User accounts. No need for the (mail) . Log in to Reply It seems like for objectClass theres User, Contact and inetOrgPerson For example: (& (objectClassuser)) For objectCategory Person, Computer, and Group. Is there more values to objectClass and objectCategory besides the ones I listed? Also is this a good list of most if not all the attributes and classes for objectClass and objectCategory? Jun 01, 2011 DirectorySearcher Filter Options Multiple Groups in one FilterRSS. 8 replies Last post Jun 01, 2011 06: 50 Is there a way I can extend the filter to select a number of groups like so:

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