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2019-12-07 19:14 Open Visual Studio and create new Setup Project called DemoSetup , the Setup project item can be found under Other Project Types Setup and Deployment Visual Studio Installer . Also create a WPF application called DemoWpfApplication , we need some project to work with.

Extension for Visual Studio This official Microsoft extension provides support for Visual Studio Installer Projects in Visual Studio. visual studio setup project installer class Dec 21, 2018 Setup Project in Visual Studio 2017 for Deployment. Visual Studio Development Visual Studio Setup and Installation. if you close VS2017 after installed the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer and restart VS2017 you could be see this: FIRST STEP2. Step.

Install Visual Studio 2017. ; 4 minutes to read which opens the Visual Studio Installer. Or, open Visual Studio Installer from the Start menu. From click Installed, expand Visual C, and then select the C project type that you want to build. To build a C# app, click Installed, expand Visual C# , and then select the C# visual studio setup project installer class

Extension for Visual Studio Powerful and easy to use Windows Installer authoring tool. Install, update and configure your products safely, securely and reliably. Visual Studio ships installation components that can install resources associated with your service applications. Installation components register an individual service on the system to which it is being installed and let the Services Control Manager know that the service exists. When you add an installer to your project, a new class (which Add an Installer class to your set up project in visual studio. you can override many stages of installation within this installer class. EX: OnBeforeInstall() Install() OnAfterInstall() You can override a relevant method and add logic within the method to execute the. js file. visual studio setup project installer class Feb 09, 2018 I'm using Visual Studio Professional 2017, version. I want to create a setup project for a Windows Service. The Windows Service project has the Installer class, and I have installed on my pc to debug it using InstallUtil. Visual Studio Installer How To Launch App at End of Installer. Add an Install class to your project; In the new class, override the Commit method, like Jarrod talked above. Create MSI or setup project with Visual Studio 2012. 162. How to create an installer for a. net Windows Service using Visual Studio. Ask Question 129. 61. Visual Studio 2010 it is located in: Install Templates Other Project Types Setup and Deployment Visual Studio Installer. This will give you additional Visual Studio Installer project templates. I have a Visual Studio setup project that has an Installer class. In the installer class I set a setting as follows: Propert

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