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2019-11-18 12:02 Holotype (of Polynemus quadrifilis Cuvier, 1829) MNHN Holotype (of Polynemus quadrifilis Cuvier, 1829 ) MNHN 756, geounit Senegal [details Taxonomic citation

Species Polydactylus bifurcus Slender fivefinger threadfin. Species Polydactylus longipes Longlimb threadfin classification of polydactylus quadrifilis Polydactylus quadrifilis consume mainly fish (74. 45), followed by shrimps (10. 06). The juvenile ones of less than one year prefer shrimps (80. 28), whereas fish are preferred (87. 07) by the older individuals. Whatever their age, Galeoides decadactylus and Pentanemus quinquarius mainly consume shrimps in the ratio of 83. 11 and 68. 75 respectively.

The giant African threadfin, Polydactylus quadrifilis (Cuvier, 1829) is a commercially important marine and brackish water fish. The dietary composition, feeding intensity, growth pattern and condition factor of the fish classification of feeding systems is completely satisfactory. The frequency of occurrence and numerical methods classification of polydactylus quadrifilis

Giant African threadfin (Polydactylus quadrifilis) is a fish species in the family Polynemidae. It is native to coastal parts of the East Atlantic from Mauritania to Angola, also ranging into freshwater rivers. This fish supports important fisheries and can reach up to 2 m (6. 6 ft) in length. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. (2017). Ranging in length from 11 cm (4. 5 in) in the dwarf threadfin (Parapolynemus verekeri) to 2 m (6. 6 ft) in fourfinger threadfin (Eleutheronema tetradactylum) and giant African threadfin (Polydactylus quadrifilis), threadfins are both important to commercial fisheries as a Occurs in shallow coastal waters, over sandy and muddy bottoms, sometimes in brackish habitats (Ref. , ). Enters estuaries (Ref. ), occasionally caught in fresh water (Ref. , ). Very large specimens are only found in marine waters (Ref. ). Feeds on crustaceans and fishes (Ref. , ). Flesh fairly tasteful (Ref. ). classification of polydactylus quadrifilis Polydactylus species Polydactylus quadrifilis Name Synonyms Polynemus quadrifilis Cuvier, 1829 Trichidion quadrifilis (Cuiver, 1829) Homonyms Polydactylus quadrifilis (Cuvier, 1829) Common names Asan in language. Aybroma in language.

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