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2019-11-13 02:46 Aug 20, 2010 So, i assign a 146mil width in the net class, assign the net class to the airwire, then use the route command, and it totally ignores the size i entered in the net class, it just uses whatever value is shown in the toolbar.

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Feb 11, 2011 In this video Tutorial we are trying to demonstrate how take advantage of the NET CLASS feature EAGLE has. It is possible to use the EAGLE Autorouter to route a board using Multiple Wire Width eagle new net class

Aug 02, 2016 EAGLE Net class specifications and name of some components; Print. Go Down. Pages: [1 Firstly net class specifications i made, width 12mil, drill 20mil and clearance 12mil and i got 730 errors about them from drc checking. So what are wrongs with these numbers. find a new board house. Even my bargain basement board house will do 6mil. For compatibilty reasons when accessing this webpage, please ensure you are running either IE 9 (Internet Explorer 9) or higher, or the latest version of Firefox and Eagle Autorouter Tutorial. April 23, 2013 By yvind Nydal Dahl 3 Comments. In this short and simple tutorial I am going to walk you through how to use the Eagle autorouter with net classes. Add a new class by clicking on the next unused line. Type in a descriptive name such as ground. Set the with of this net class to 24mil. eagle new net class WARNING: These secure screens use special security functions. For this reason, please have a pencil handy to write down your information as you may not be able to print them. In Eagle you can associate a class with a net. The class defines some information for the autorouter to control the width, clearance and drill of vias. By creating a specific class for the ground, the power supply and normal signals, we can control quite easily the width of each signal.

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