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2019-11-20 08:50 1. Algae Algae have been used in animal and human diets since very early times. Filamentous 1. 1 ClASSIFICAtIon The classification of algae is complex and somewhat controversial, especially concerning Salinities of 2024 ppt are found to be optimal. Lapointe and Connell (1989) suggested that the growth of the

Algae is an autotrophic plant which prepare food by photosynthesis. Chlorophyceae Habit: Fresh water& marine water algae Pigment: Chl. a, Chl. b, Xanthophyll, Carotin Reserve food material: Accumulate starch as photosynthetic reserve. Orders of Class Chlorophyceae: 1. algae classification ppt Classification of algae. 1. Algae are photosynthetic eukaryotic organisms. They are commonly found in aquatic environments including freshwater, marine and brackish water. They are either motile or nonmotile. Some of the motile and nonmotile algae may form a colony known as Coenonbium.

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In Eichlers system of classification, algae are placed in the Division Thallophyta along with Fungi and Lichens. Pigments in Algae (Key points) with PPT; Posted in Algae (Phycology), Botany, Lecture Notes and tagged Algae, General Characters of algae, Phycology. GENERAL CHARACTERSTICS. Algae are the simplest multicellular plants. Some are unicellular eg. Chlamydomonas. Pant body: known as Thallus and they are avascular. Habitat: Algae are usually aquatic, either freshwater or marine and some are terresterial. Algae are eukaryotic thallophytes. Algae are photoautotrophs. The current systems of classification of algae are based on the following main criteria: o photosynthetic membranes (thylakoids) organization and other features of the chloroplasts. o cell wall composition and structure. o the presence or absence of flagella (as well as algae classification ppt Algae Ppt authorSTREAM Presentation. Commercial uses of algae: Commercial uses of algae Algin a thickening agent for food processing (brown algae) Carrageenan foods, puddings, ice cream, toothpaste (red algae) Iodine (brown algae) Agar for growth media used in research (red algae) As food red and brown algae As plant fertilizers Diatomaceous earth: used for filtering water Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of XPowerPoint. com, find free presentations research about Classification Of Algae PPT Sponsored Links Displaying classification of algae PowerPoint Presentations The! Algae! & Over30, 000& species& Identification Related posts: Pigmentation in Algae PPT. Bryophytes General Characters PPT (Mosses, Liverworts and Hornworts) Lichen General Characteristics, Thallus Organization& Reproduction PPT. Enzymes in Plant Pathogenesis PPT. Gymnosperm Characteristics PPT. Secretory Tissue in Plants PPT (Structure, Classification and Examples)

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