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2019-12-14 07:42 PHP provides a function named getclass that can return the class of an object. This class extends the capabilities of the getclass function by parsing the getclass return value and splitting the class name in its components like the full class name, the namespace, the canonical name and the short class

A protip by markusperl about php, php class name without namespace, php class name, and php class namespace. php get class from namespace Parameters. object. The tested object. This parameter may be omitted when inside a class. Note: Explicitly passing NULL as the object is no longer allowed as of PHP. The parameter is still optional and calling getclass() without a parameter from inside a class will work, but passing NULL now emits an EWARNING notice.

A standardized autoloader will get the class you want to instanciate (MyTool) and get the FQCN, transform it into a file path, and check if the file exists. If it does, it will it, and if you wrote your class correctly, the class will be available within its correct namespace php get class from namespace

Namespaces Table of Contents. Namespaces overview; Defining namespaces; Declaring subnamespaces; Defining multiple namespaces in the same file; Using namespaces: Basics; Namespaces and dynamic language features; namespace keyword and NAMESPACE constant; Using namespaces: AliasingImporting; Global space; Using namespaces: fallback to As of php 5. 5 there's a magic constant that gives you the FQCN of any class. You can use it like this: namespace MyClass: : class; will return It's documented on the new features page. Warning. This function is currently not documented; only its argument list is available. php get class from namespace The generic approach would be to get all fully qualified classnames (class with full namespace) in your project, and then filter by the wanted namespace. PHP offers some native functions to get those classes (getdeclaredclasses, etc), but they won't be able to find classes that have not been loaded (include require), therefore it won't work PHP Namespaces Explained 02 August 2015 on Development, PHP. In PHP version 5. 3 a new feature known as namespacing was added to the language. Many modern languages already had this feature for some time, but PHP was a little late to the scene. How can I retrieve the namespace to a string C# . if you have item x of class A in namespace B you can use: string s no s contains B you can also use x. GetType(). Name to get the type name or x. GetType(). FullName to get both. share improve this answer. It seems the file system analogy only goes so far. One thing that's missing that would be very useful is relative navigation up the namespace chain, e. g. That would be really nice, especially if you had really deep namespaces.

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