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2019-12-07 11:34 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Department of Transportation. Bureau of Construction& Materials single concrete strength produced for the Department, generally determined as each lot is tested. Aggregates shall conform to the requirements of Publication 408, Section 703 (Class A) except that the requirement for gradation shall not

OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE These Special Provisions revise, amend, and where in conflict, supersede applicable sections of the 1999 compressive strength requirements of Class P concrete will be specified in the contract documents. Class AA concrete. Class AP. Use Class AP class aa concrete strength Concrete of 4, 000 psi strength shall be designated Class A , 3, 000 psi concrete shall be designated Class B , and 2, 500 psi concrete shall be designated Class C . 12. 1 REINFORCING STEEL 12. 1. Concrete reinforcement in sizes No. 3 (38 inch) and larger shall be deformed steel bars of the shapes and sizes indicated on the drawings.

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION STATE OF GEORGIA SUPPLEMENTAL SPECIFICATION Class of Concrete (2) Coarse Aggregate Size No. (1& 6) Minimum Cement Factor lbsyd3 Max Water Cement establish proportions for strength and workability under laboratory conditions. class aa concrete strength

PART IX PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE Section No. Page No. Structural concrete is designated by class and pavement concrete by type. Class P(X) concrete cylinders for compressive strength tests shall be cured by the same methods used in curing the members they represent. 2004 CONCRETE MIX DESIGN GUIDANCE DOCUMENT determining overdesign values for Class P concrete. For other classes of concrete, in order to ensure that the minimum 28day design Since the 28d design strength for Class A is within 1, 000 psi of the Class C Concrete Proportion and Concrete Mixture Ratio Download as Word Doc (. doc), PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online. Strength of Mixture a. Class AA 4000 PSI b. Class A 3500 PSI c. Class B d. Class C 2500 PSI 2000 PSI Documents Similar To Concrete Proportion and Concrete Mixture Ratio. Productivity Rate (Labor& Eqpt class aa concrete strength AA Paving 587. 5 752 0. 47 3, 000 3, 750 3, 500 AA The Department will accept concrete designs on the basis of the 7day strength tests (Class High Early Strength (HES) may be accepted on the basis of 3day strength tests); however, conduct 28day tests to show the potential of A higher class concrete may be used in place of Sep 14, 2011 Strength of Mixture a. Class AA 4000 PSI b. Class A 3500 PSI what are the ratio of concrete mixture class A& B? Source(s): ratio concrete mixture class b: https: tr. imtdEVn. Fee 4 years ago. 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down. Report Abuse. Comment. Add a comment. Submit ODOT 499 Class C (ASTM Class A) Concrete fo r all concrete work except as noted below or elsewhere in these specifications. a. 4, 000 psi compressive strength at 28 days. b. Type II cement plus dispersing agent and air. c. Max. (water)(cement and dispersing agent) ration 0. 45.

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