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2019-12-13 10:34 Determine the freight class for your LTL shipment with YRC Freights fast and personal service online or by email: Chat with Customer Service. Complete our online form, and well provide the freight class in one business day.

19 rows Different freight classes (there are 18 of them) are based on weight, length, and height, density, ease of handling, value and liability from things like theft, damage, breakability, and spoilage. For the most part, the lower the NMFC class number, the lower the freight charge. ltl class code lookup FREIGHT CLASS LOOKUP TOOL FIND YOUR NMFC CODE. This freight class lookup tool has NMFC Codes (National Motor Freight Classification) for many frequently shipped items. How to use this tool to find the right NMFC codes. To find the NMFC code listing for the item you're shipping, go to the category below that best matches your cargo.

NMFC Code Request. NMFC Codes& Freight Class Search. To Get NMFC Codes. The use of a correct Freight Class and NMFC are two very key components in getting the best possible freight rates. ltl class code lookup

FedEx Freight Central Whether you're learning the basics of lessthantruckload (LTL) freight shipping, checking out our new FedEx Freight box solution, needing a freight classification code or looking for the latest offers and resources you can find everything here you need to make your LTL The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has changed the way they classify LTL (less than truckload) shipments. With our free freight class calculator we can quickly determine your class based on your pallets weight and density through volume calculations. Use our freight class codes chart for ltl shipments. Calculate your freight class. Use our free tool to determine the density and class of your freight. Get Free Quotes. Freight class and density calculator. Determining the right freight class can save you both time and money. Weve created an easytouse calculator to help you choose the ltl class code lookup The National Motor Freight Classification The Standard for Freight Identification and Classification The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC ) is a standard that provides a comparison of commodities moving in interstate, intrastate and foreign commerce. NMFC Freight Class Code List. LessThanTruckload Freight Classification Tool. Need help determining the estimated freight class for your lessthantruckload (LTL) freight shipment? fill out the below form to get an NMFC Code. Per NMFTA this information is only allows to enrolled customers or potential customers. Getting you a shipping quote National Motor Freight Classification numbers are codes that classify all commodity types and establish levels of rating for a freight shipment. For help determining the NMFC code for your commodity type, please contact UPS Customer Service at. Learn about NMFC freight classification& how to determine ltl freight classes. Find the NMFC codes for shipping your freight. It is imperative to accurately determine the National Motor Freight Classification of the items being shipped to avoid costly adjustments. Remember, if you have questions regarding freight classes, a Freightquote

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