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2019-12-13 16:51 Title Integrating History, Art, Literature, and Culture in the Spanish Classroom By Loretta McCarthy Primary Subject Social Studies, Music, Art, Language Arts, Other, Computers Internet Secondary Subjects Grade Level 712. Objectives: TLW. 1. use computer technology in the Spanish classroom.

Rather, embrace the changes in todays world by integrating them into your Spanish lessons. Tablets are becoming increasingly popular as well, so chances integrating spanish in the classroom Bringing It Into the Classroom Culture varies greatly in the different regions of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries of the world. Here are a few ideas for teaching Spanish culture with an emphasis on Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is known for its cultural flair, unique style and proud regional identity.

A popular way to integrate the curriculum is to address a topic or theme through the lenses of several different subject areas. In an elementary classroom, students often experience this approach at integrating spanish in the classroom

Integrating Technology into the Foreign Language Classroom. Many times technology is used as a tool that is separate from the learning objectives and it is most useful and effective when it it essential to carrying out a task in the target language rather than just an It is spoken by 440 million people. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and is the official language in 21 countries. Spanish immersion classrooms prepare students for advanced language tracks and unique careers. Integrating technology into Spanish immersion classrooms creates meaningful learning experiences. Integrating Technology in the Spanish Classroom. and we are trying to achieve this goal by integrating technology into our lessons. By: Marianna Morales, IBDP Spanish Teacher In the last quarter of the academic year, the Spanish classes in the IBDP program and in High School employed technology tools to enhance the learning process integrating spanish in the classroom Whatever your lesson may be, you can integrate an interactive board to it. You can pose a question and have students intermingle in a small group then write down their opinion on a board. Or, you can have students write down their answer on their mini board then move to a preselected area in the classroom. Integrating Comprehensible Input in the World Language Classroom Across the world language teaching profession, teachers are eagerly looking for more and better ways to provide comprehensible (or better yet, comprehended ) input to their learners. Effective Teaching With Technology Teacher Resource Effective Teaching with Technology is a series of vignettes highlighting how educators are creatively integrating learning technologies across the curriculum in Ohio schools. Burgo Integrating Spanish HL Learners into the L2 Classroom 47 mixed classes. There were a few, however, who requested upperlevel Spanish courses specifically for HL learners. This research suggests that our objective as instructors should be to maximize benefits for all learners.

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