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2019-11-18 03:13 IPC Swimming Classification Rules and Regulations 5 IPC Swimming, and the implications that arise if this is the case. Article Seven Article Seven explains that an Athlete or other party may dispute the allocation of a Sport Class, and the process by which these disputes should be resolved.

Sport Classes. The sport class names in swimming consist of a prefix S or SB and a number. The prefixes stand for the strokes and the number indicates the sport classes. International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Adenauerallee, Bonn, Germany paralympic swimming class 14 First International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Swimming World Championships held in Malta 14 were gold, 13 silver and 14 bronze. All hail: In the more moderate swimming sport classes, the

The Paralympic swimming class for athletes with intellectual disability is 14. The Prefix S to the class denotes the class for Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly (ex: S14); The Prefix SB to the class denotes the class for Breaststroke (e. g. SB14); The Prefix SM to the class denotes the class for Individual Medley (e. g. SM14). paralympic swimming class 14

Official website of World Para Swimming, formerly known as IPC Swimming find out about paralympic athletes, classifications& rules, plus follow the competitive events of this sport. The classification was created by the International Paralympic Committee and has roots in a 2003 attempt to address the overall objective to Swimmers who have competed in this class include Siobhan Paton, Taylor Corry and Swimming at the Summer Paralympics; T20, the classification for intellectual disabilities in athletics. References List of Paralympic records in swimming. 110: Physical disability: Classes S1, SB1, SM1 for athletes who are least physically able; S10, SB9, SM10 for those with greatest ability in the water Events in classification 14 have been suspended for the Athens and Beijing Games, and are currently under review by the IPC. paralympic swimming class 14 The IPC Swimming Classification Rules and Regulations state that IPC Swimming Sport Class designations (see 1. 3), an Athlete Review if the criteria for Sport Class 14 are amended. This is most likely to be the case after the London 2012 Paralympic Games. The governing body is the IPC the sport is also coordinated by the IPC Swimming Technical Committee, which uses FINA rules. Swimming Canada is the National Sport Federation (swimming. ca). Class 14 is allocated to swimmers with an intellectual disability. The prefix S denotes the class for Freestyle Share The Beginners Guide to Watching Paralympic Swimming on Facebook; the classification 14 has been adopted by some countries into the Paralympics for athletes who have both a physical Paraswimming classification is a functionbased classification system designed to allow for fair competition in disability swimming. The classes are prefixed with S for freestyle, This class was not contested at the 2004 and the 2008 Summer Paralympics after the International Paralympic Committee

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