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Restoring Your Car The only way to restore a classic car on a budget is to do the work yourself. That means you need a place to do the work, such as a garage, where the vehicle is shielded from the weather. You also need a full range of auto tools, the owner's manual and plenty of experience. restore classic car paint Here are the stepbystep instructions to restore a paint finish thats severely faded (excluding paint that has completely failed): Polish with a dualaction car polisher. Polishing your paint removes a thin layer of paint to cut away the damage. This allows the shine to be restored.

Classic Car Restoration Videos. The key to getting paint to stick well to bare metal is all in the metal prep and using the right primers. Self etching primer contains a mild acid that actually etches the bare restore classic car paint

However, if you have no aspirations for competitions and simply own a classic car for pleasure, restoring a classic car is entirely up to you. When to paint your car. Depending on the condition of your classic car, you may be able to simply paint it instead of going for a full restoration. However, a car that is rusted, dented and otherwise damaged will need more than a fresh coat of paint to bring it back to life it Holton Secret Lab in Helix, Oregon specializes in classic car restoration, car fabrication, and custom car paint restoration for classic hot rods. Over 90 years combined experience in classic car restoration, custom car painting, design and car fabrication. Classic Car Restoration. I do full classic car body restorations ready for the show floor, to daily drivers that just need a fresh coat of paint and everything in between. restore classic car paint As well as knowledge, practice makes perfect. Most home classic car restorers do not have the luxury of being able to paint other cars before painting their own restoration project. Practice by using some cheap enamel paint or a cup of plain paint thinner and spraying it on something such as the garage wall or some plywood.

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