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2020-01-26 12:16 Class V hitches use a 212 x 212 receiver tube for the ball mount, and they are rated for towing a gross trailer weight of more than 10, 000 lbs and a tongue weight ranging from 1, 000 to 1, 200 lbs.

Trailer hitches are given a class rating based on their maximum weight capacity and receiver opening size. The classes range from Class I which has the lowest capacity and a 114 x 114 opening to Class V which has the highest capacity and, typically, a 212 x 212 opening. class v receiver hitch ratings Trailer Hitches Class V: 212 Receiver Class V Trailer Hitch. Print Data Sheet. Be the first to review this product. Part Number Titan Class V Receiver: Please Select Vehicle to Determine Fit: Add to Compare. Add To Product Overview Technical Specifications This Product Fits Product Accessories Ratings& Reviews

Class V WC GTW Up to 12, 000 lbs. WC TW Up to 1, 200 lbs below as a two bike carrier capacity hitch. Others put a divot in the receiver tube so bike Maximum weight ratings of hitches are normally stamped or decaled on the hitch itself. FAQs class v receiver hitch ratings

A Class V hitch has a 212 square receiver opening. Your ball mount and hitch ball need to both be rated for Class V to safely tow these weight loads. To use this class of hitch for weight distribution requires a weight distribution system. Class IV Hitch. Receiver with weight distribution hitch works best with fullsize cars, vans, pickups and utility vehicles; Trailer Hitches Customer Reviews. great quality and value CURT Trailer Hitches (1 of 2000 Reviews) Appearance. Ease of Installation. PriceValue. Quality. This page explains trailer hitch classes and contains towing tips to make traveling with your RV, boat, or recreational vehicle easy and safe. Trailer Hitch Classes Defined and Explained. Please refer to the following trailer hitch class information if you have questions about how trailer hitch classes are determined. Class V Hitches class v receiver hitch ratings A Class V hitch has a 212 square receiver opening. Class V hitches attach to the vehicle frame only. Choose From These Topics. When selecting the appropriate hitch make sure the weight rating of the hitch is greater than the loaded weight of the trailer that will be towed. The tow vehicle capacity for weight carrying and hitch attachment

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