Itunes crashes when syncing ipod classic

2019-12-13 16:01 Sep 21, 2010 Hi, my iTunes Library crashes each time i try to sync my music to my iPhone 3GS and iPod Classic, This only happens when i have the convert to 128 aac format checked, the reason I check this is because I only have an 8GB iPhone and too much music I want on it lol.

How can I connect my iPod to iTunes without it freezing? I guess the itunes store effects the sync. Anyways that helped me. Give it a shot. Was this answer helpful? Yes No In my case itunes froze when my ipod classic was connected and could not be shut down either from the programme or via task manager I had to power off the pc. itunes crashes when syncing ipod classic Feb 04, 2019 IPod will not sync to iTunes [SolvedClosed Riley Sep 3, 2009 at 11: 12 PM Latest reply: grahasc Posts 1 Registration date Saturday October 27, 2012 Last seen October 27, 2012 Oct 27 Hello, My iPod classic has been a pain ever since I hooked it to my laptop. At first I had it hooked to the iTunes to my desktop computer and it worked

Aug 21, 2010  I have about 2800 files in my iTunes that I am trying to sync to my brand new 80GB iPod Classic. I have updated to the latest iTunes 7. 5 and my iPod is updated to. The new iPod is recognized and syncing begins like normal and files begin to transfer BUT iTunes freezes at some random file and stops syncing. itunes crashes when syncing ipod classic

iTunes Freezes During Sync. When updating your iPhone or iPod, you must sync it up with iTunes. However, if iTunes is crashing and freezing up during the sync process, the updating and additional of files and music to the mobile device is not going to work. In order to correct the freeze issue there are a few methods available that work, Dec 23, 2018 Itunes keeps crashing when it starts to sync my music. it's driving me nuts now I cannot get it to sync the music from my computer back to my iphone because when it gets to that section of the sync itunes crashes and dissapears off the computer screen. HELP iTunes crashes when iPod connected. May 01, 2012 Question: Q: Itunes freezes when syncing ipod classic 160GB I just downloaded the new itunes and everytime i try to sync my ipod classic it gets about a tenth of the way through syncing the songs then completely freezes, i have to exit using task manager and it leaves me with no songs on my ipod. itunes crashes when syncing ipod classic

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