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2019-12-10 05:51 Daphne Paloma Vasquez was born in the early morning of October 22, 1995, to biological parents Kathryn Kennish and John Kennish but was raised by legal mother Regina Vasquez and legal grandmother Adrianna Vasquez in a workingclass neighborhood where Regina worked as a

Switched at Birth. The story of two teenage girls who discover they were accidentally switched as newborns in the hospital. Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother, while Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing at an early age due to a case of meningitis, grew up with a single mother in a workingclass neighborhood. switched at birth class Switched At Birth. Bay Kennish, played by Vanessa Marano, is the artistic daughter of a wealthy twoparent family and Daphne Vasquez, played by Katie Leclerc, is the deaf daughter of a workingclass single mother. The drama surrounding the two families unfolds as they learn how to live together and get to know the they never knew.

The dramatic story is set in the Kansas City metropolitan area, and revolves around two teenagers who were switched at birth and grew up in very different environments: one in the affluent suburb of Mission Hills, Kansas, and the other in workingclass East Riverside, Missouri. switched at birth class

Kathryn Kennish. Played by Lea Thompson, Kathryn is the mother of Bay and Toby Kennish and the biological mother of Daphne Vasquez. At first, she wasn't too excited about telling her friends that Bay and Daphne were switched at birth for the sake of maintaining her Switched at Birth Season 1 The series follows Bay Kennish, a teenager in a wealthy family and Daphne Vasquez, a fellow teen in a workingclass neighborhood. Their lives are turned upside down when they find out they were switched at birth. Jun 06, 2011 Created by Lizzy Weiss. With Katie Leclerc, Vanessa Marano, Constance Marie, D. W. Moffett. Two teenage girls' lives are turned upside down when they find out they were switched at birth. switched at birth class

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