C++ vector cannot instantiate abstract class

2019-11-22 00:11 std: : vector providers; RuleProvider is the abstract class. You can't instantiate abstract objects. You need to do. std: : vector providers; Pointers are a different storyyou can point to abstract types, because the actual object itself will be a subclass of RuleProvider, not the abstract base class.

cannot instantiate abstract class c. Ask Question 1. I have a problem with this code this is taskData: Task is abstract, so there cannot be instances of it. vector of an abstract type is therefore impossible and doesn't make sense. You cannot contain and own something which cannot exist. That's the fundamental difference to vectors c++ vector cannot instantiate abstract class Dec 03, 2011 By having a pure virtual function, you make your class abstract, meaning that you have to make another class inherit from it and define that function. You cannot instantiate abstract classes, it's just the way it works.

Aug 16, 2011 I am working on a program that uses pure virtual methods, and I have gotten to a point where the same repeated errors appear, cannot instantiate abstract class errors. c++ vector cannot instantiate abstract class

Method for solving error: cannot instantiate abstract class Based on this error, my guess is that you are using Visual Studio (since that's what Visual C says when you try to instantiate an abstract class). Why can't we declare a std: : vector? 0. Sep 15, 2008 Order of inheritance determines the layout of the object in memory and the order in which constructors for the base classes are called which in turn determines the order in which base class members are constructed. You can't create a vector of an abstract class type because you cannot create instances of an abstract class, and C Standard Library containers like std: : vector store values (i. e. instances). If you want to do this, you will have to create a vector of pointers to the abstract class type. c++ vector cannot instantiate abstract class You cannot declare a pure virtual function and provide a definition for it in the class definition. If you want to provide a definition for a pure virtual function, you must do so outside of the class definition. I want to store objects of classes derived from a common interface (abstract class) in a std: : vector of that abstract class. This vector should be filled in a loop and usually I would call the constructor of a class and push the created object into the vector.

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