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2019-11-15 05:34 Mller AO Classification of fractures. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Mller AO Classification of fractures is a system for classifying bone fractures initially published in 1987 by the AO Foundation as a method of categorizing injuries according to therognosis

New classification focusing on the relationship between the attachment of the iliofemoral ligament and the course of the fracture line for intertrochanteric fractures. Futamura K, Baba T, Homma Y, Mogami A, Kanda A, Obayashi O, Sato K, Ueda Y, Kurata Y, Tsuji H, Kaneko K. ao classification femur fracture AOOTA Fracture and Dislocation Classification. AOOTA Fracture and Dislocation Classification for the iPhone and iPod touch. The AOOTA Fracture and Dislocation Classification of long bone fractures is the standard classification used by trauma surgeons and

AO Surgery Reference quick online reference in clinical life. Authors: Ernst Raaymakers, Inger Schipper, Rogier Simmermacher, Chris van der Werken. Proximal femur. back to skeleton. Diagnosis Indication Preparation Approach Reduction& Fixation Aftercare. Search. Online AO Resources. AOOTA classification (PDF) Authors' added material. ao classification femur fracture

The compendium is branded as the AOOTA or OTAAO Fracture and Dislocation Classification Compendium. In publications, it will be cited as Meinberg E, Agel J, Roberts C, et al. Fracture and Dislocation Classification Compendium2018, Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma. Volume 32: Number 1; Supplement, January 2018. How can the answer be improved? Osteology intertrochanteric area exists between greater and lesser trochanters. made of dense trabecular bone. calcar femorale vertical wall of dense bone that extends from posteromedial aspect of femoral shaft to posterior portion of femoral neck. helps determine stable versus unstable fracture patterns. ao classification femur fracture AO Surgery Reference quick online reference in clinical life. High Energy Distal Femur Fractures Online AO Resources. AOOTA classification (PDF) Authors' added material. General comments. References. AO Principles. AOTrauma courses, seminars, and online events Introduction. AO Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) Alphanumeric Classification [5 ( ) (Fig. 4): In the Comprehensive Classification of Fractures of the Long Bones, Mller and colleagues coded proximal hip fractures to offer a uniform alphanumeric fracture classification. This system was advocated by the AOASIF, Distal femur fractures are fractures including condyles of femur or in supracondylar region which mainly occur in young but also seen in older population. Classification of Distal Femur Fractures [AOASIF A Extraarticular [Supracondylar Fractures Maestu PR, Blanco RP. Bladeplating of closed displaced Distal femur fractures of

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