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2019-11-15 05:29 Kennebec class Oiler. One piece full hull, Complete Photoetch supports and fuel rigging, resin and white metal parts.

The Kennebecclass oilers were sixteen United States Navy medium oilers built during World War II to three related designs at Bethlehem Sparrows Point Shipyard of Sparrows Point, Maryland and Sun Shipbuilding& Drydock Co. of Chester, Pennsylvania, all of which survived the war. Two are still in commercial service as of 2011. kennebec class oiler Kennebec Class Fleet Oiler: Laid down as Corsicana, a Maritime Commission type (T2SO) tanker hull, under Maritime. Commission contract (MC hull 142), at Bethlehem Steel Shipyard, Sparrows Point, MD. ; U. S. Navy Oiler USS Kennebec (AO36) at anchor, date and location unknown.

USS KENNEBEC (AO36) Kennebec departed 11 February 1942 and joined the Service Force of the Atlantic Fleet. the fleet oiler arrived New Orleans 27 February and commenced oil runs from Gulf ports to depots along the Atlantic coast and supplying the fleet from Brazil to Newfoundland with vital fuel oil kerosene diesel oil and aviation gasoline. kennebec class oiler

USS Kennebec (AO 36) USS Lackawanna (AO 40) USS Merrimack (AO 37) USS Neosho (ii) (AO 48) USS Winooski (AO 38) 6 Oilers of the Kennebec class. Aug 15, 2016 How to Build the US Navy Tanker Kennebec Class Fleet Oiler Lindberg 1: 525 Scale Model Kit HL438 USS Kennebec (AO36) was originally the SS Corsicana, a Kennebec class T2 tanker that was built by Bethlehem Sparrows Point Shipyard in Sparrows Point, Maryland. It was delivered to SoconyVacuum Oil Company (later Mobil Oil) on 8 August 1941. It was purchased by the United States Navy on 13 January 1942 and renamed Kennebec. . Service history. The fleet oiler later had an eventful career, in so kennebec class oiler The U. S. Navy Kennebec class of fleet oilers consisted of the following ships: USS Kennebec (AO36), USS Merrimack (AO37), USS Winooski (AO38), USS Kankakee (AO39), USS Lackawanna (AO40), USS Mattaponi (AO41), USS Monongahela (AO42), USS Tappahannock (AO43), USS Patuxent (AO44), USS Neches

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