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2020-01-20 00:23 210x Warframe Class Heavy Cruiser 200x Triton Class Stealth Cruiser 360x Loyal II Class Cruiser 450x Elliptical Class Destroyers 450x Elemental Class Frigates 375, 000 Hurricane Fighters 275, 000 Typhoon II Class Multi Role Fighter 70, 000 Tornado Strike Craft 20, 000 Sovereign Class Heavy Bomber 40, 000 UAVs (Currently only EQ117s and AD8

While it is technically classed as a system patrol and defence vessel, the Nemesisclass Sloop is a highly aggressive vessel, designed with combating incursions by stealth vessels. nemesis class stealth cruiser Weapons of Choice is the first novel of the Axis of Time alternative history trilogy, written by Australian author John Birmingham Plot. In 2021 off East Timor, as a USled multinational taskforce, commanded by USS Leyte Gulf Nemesisclass stealth cruiser

Event Edit. Cobalt Royalty began the assault by sending a Nemesisclass stealth bomber to Rotterdam, unloading swarms on the inhabitants. The inhabitants of Rotterdam survived by hiding in the bunkers. A 2k mass ship exploded after nukes were launched at it. . Commander Aceface, piloting an Omenclass heavy cruiser, then launched a second assault on Rotterdam, this time, with 2 Dragoonclass nemesis class stealth cruiser

A vessel of the class, docked and cloaked. The Suliban stealth cruiser was a starship used by the Suliban Cabal. It was normally undetectable by Starfleet technology due to its cloaking device. Its armaments included four particle beam weapon banks. The standard crew complement was at Apr 18, 2015  Nemesis Class Destroyer Ship stats. DR4 CR7 MV9 HP4 CP3 AP1 PD4 MN4 SHCloaking field WN0 TL0 75 points 2 per squadron As you can see from the stats, Nemesis is built around a standard cruiser and so packs the same basic toughness and defence capabilities with the following differences: oh, it is like referring to a suliban stealth ship. oh wait. Birds of prey can communicate while cloaked. and can your stealth ship divert all cloak to one side while still nemesis class stealth cruiser The smallest variant became the Nemesis Class heavy cruiser, whereas the larger versions were developed into the Leonidas Class heavy cruiser Medusa Class Battlecruiser respectively. In any event, the Nemesis Class soon emerged as the most important of the three. This article, Thermopylaeclass Cruiser, was written by Ajax 013. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission. The Nemesis Class Cruiser is a replacement to the Providence Class. These Ships are heavily armed and armored but pretty sluggish. They will be built after SCOM Scraps all Lucrehulk Class Factory Ships and Providence Class Dreadnoughts. The Martyrclass Cruiser Mark II is an updated version of the aged Martyr Mark I. No longer the mainstay of Cassaran Star Republic fleets, and lacking the firepower to be a heavy cruiser, it was remade into an assault cruiser to carry soldiers into battle.

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