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2019-11-13 19:28 UPDATE Black Ops 3 is out! Check out the Black Ops 3 Create a Class Calculator. In preparation for Call of Duty Black Ops 2, the GamerVets have created a fast and easy custom Black Ops 2 Create a Class calculation tool. Here you can try out different class setups using a maximum of 10 total points.

Recommended class loadouts for Black Ops 2 multiplayer. Black Ops 2 Class Loadouts Guide Best Multiplayer Loadouts. Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies How To Build Ultimate Staffs black ops 2 knife class build Jul 21, 2013 Ultimately, it's the twopoint cost of a pistol and tactical knife combination that is its key downside: these two points can be put to better use elsewhere if your build is centred on your

Sep 09, 2013 Black Ops 2 Best KNIFE ONLY Class Setup! Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed it, Subscribe for more! : ) Best Class Playlist (All Episodes) http: bit. lyViVR4b Let's Play black ops 2 knife class build

How do I equip the knife as a secondary weapon? Ask Question 2. In CoD Black Ops 2, how can I equip the knife when I have both a primary and a secondary weapon? Is there a way? If not, does the tac knife for pistols count as an equipped knife? Why doesn't Russia build more missile defense systems instead of complaining about NATO's systems? Best Black Ops 2 Knife Runner Class. By WickedEvilPanda. Hi guys this is my second guide to my first on The Best Black Ops 2 AntiScorestreak Class setup. In this guide I will explain to you the class that I made for knifing people, dodging bullets, andpeople off. Dec 31, 2012 Best Answer: Create a custom class, go to every slot and click x (if using xbox) that should clear all of it. Start your game and choose that class then it should only have a knife. By the way, You can still use perks. black ops 2 knife class build Dec 11, 2012 For Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Best 6 perks for a Knife build? . Nov 19, 2012 Call Of Duty Black Ops 2: How To Use Melee Knife? If you mean just normal melee, you click the right thumbstick, but if you mean the combat knife where you only hold a knife instead of a gun, go on create a class and on one of your classes, remove your primarysecondary, and your new secondary should be a knife: ) Every player has a knife in each class. The Knife can be held out as a secondary or primary weapon if no other secondary or primary Black Ops 2 Wiki Guide. Walkthrough. Walkthrough

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